Intrepid Travel Is Letting You Book Group Tours All Over The World For Just A $1 Deposit

Maja Hitij/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Travel has the potential to be costly. While you're beachside drinking blended beverages on vacation, your bank account isn't exactly relaxing. Good news for fiscally responsible travelers, you can now secure travel for less than what you pay for your morning breakfast sandwich. Intrepid Travel has a $1 deposit deal for your next big trip.

The group travel adventure company specializes in crafting thematic itineraries packed with unforgettable experiences. Don't expect your 10 day vacation to be an elaborate lounge on a single beach. With Intrepid Travel the wannabe winemaker in you can actually bottle vino in Spain. If your style of travel is more can't-sit-down, ignore-all-lounge-chairs, must-keep-moving, active trips like hiking, boating and kayaking the Amalfi Coast might be appealing. Now, with four quarters, you can secure your place on a group trip through Intrepid Travel's deal.

From now through Feb. 15, 2019 when you book a trip that departs before Dec. 14, 2019 your deposit will only cost $1. This is a major deal, some would even refer to it as a "steal", as deposits for trips through Intrepid Travel typically cost $400. Save $399 for your breakfast sandwiches, a cute new bathing suit, or just as fiscal padding in your savings account like a responsible adult.

We all need to take a break from the daily grind that lasts longer than an hour and isn't only accompanied by a lunch for a buffet bar. It's important to punctuate routine with exploration and adventure. That's why we're allotted travel days!

There are benefits of booking with a group travel company instead of spending hours digging through the vast internet to stitch together your own itinerary. First of all, the itinerary is curated for your particular interest so you can trust that you won't be bored. Traveling with a small group of like minded travelers means potential new friends to be travel buddies with in the future. And when you travel with Intrepid Travel, you'll be traveling responsibly. Not only fiscally — thanks to this deal — but when it comes to the environment and animal welfare.

Spend six days in Iceland ohh-ing and aww-ing at the sky on a Northern Lights Escape from $1,249. In Italy you can "cycle across the Tuscan hinterland" and "spend a day exploring the beautiful villages, estates and gardens dotted around Lake Como." From $3,405 you can explore the Best of Italy for 15 days. All you have to do to make sure you have a spot on the trip is put down $1.

But before you go throwing your dollar bill at a dream trip, it's always a good idea to read the terms and conditions. The deposit deal is only available to travelers booking with US and Canadian currency. Some trips are excluded from the deal including: Polar Trips, Expedition Trips, Private Groups, Adventure Cruising, and Short Breaks. The Inca Trail Trek is also excluded from the deal.

Also, if you choose to cancel your trip, you'll have to pay the full deposit price, so make sure you're completely committed before confirming your payment! Make sure to read all of that fine print before booking travel. Bon voyage, and happy travels in 2019!