iOS 11 Hacks That Will Change Your Life

It's here! On Sept. 12, Apple announced that the iOS 11 update for iPhones will be available just one week later, on Sept. 19 — and based off what they've already revealed, this update is the best one yet. In fact, iOS 11 is creating a lot of buzz because it's full of stuff that you'll actually use on the regular. And, the iPhone iOS 11 hacks that will change your life include features like a streamlined iMessage experience, Do Not Disturb While Driving, advanced screenshot features, Indoor Maps, and more. While your iPhone was smart before, these new features from iOS 11 just might qualify Siri for Mensa membership.

Previously, when my iPhone repeatedly asked me if I wanted to complete the software update for a new iOS release, I put it off until I could no longer stand to get the notifications every day. But, iOS 11 has me looking forward to updating my phone, because while there are some big new features that make a whole lot of sense, there are a ton of smaller ones that are going to make you fall in love with iPhone all over again.

"Aside from the big-ticket items like the improved Control Center, maps for malls and airports, and better compression for photos and videos, there are things hiding in iOS 11 such as a screen recorder, persistent notifications, and the list goes on," Justin Meyers reported for iOS Gadget Hacks.

Here are the coolest hacks you're going to to want to take advantage of ASAP.

1. Drag & Drop Multiple Apps

One of the most frustrating things about iPhone for me has always been trying to organize my screens. Dragging apps from screen to screen has been a singular and clunky process that takes way too long. iPhone Hacks reported that you can now drag and drop multiple apps at once. "Tap and hold apps till they jiggle. Tap on one app and drag it. Now tap on other app icons and they’ll be selected as well," Khamosh Pathak reported for iPhone Hacks. "Now go to another page and release your finger to drop them all."

2. The 'Dark Mode' Setting

Apparently, Dark Mode is something hardcore iPhone lovers have been asking for repeatedly. "Like I said before, I'm a big fan of Night Shift mode, but another big visual item people want in iOS 11 is Dark Mode, which also helps reduce visual strain," Meyers explained on iOS Gadget Hacks. "We saw a hint of this way back in an early iOS 7 beta build with its dark keyboard, but nothing since. Dark Mode would essentially change all of the bright white elements in the UI to a dark color."

3. The Flashlight Has New Settings

When the zombie apocalypse arrives, you're going to need a flashlight to navigate your way out of the darkness. Now, the iPhone flashlight might be the only one you need. Meyers noted that the iOS 11 update includes new intensity options for the flashlight so you can keep it low, or shine a spotlight on something. Maybe you can even use it to blind a zombie.

4. Screen Recording

You can now record your iPhone's screen, and even add audio, without plugging it into your computer and the using the QuickTime Player. "With iOS 11's native Screen Recording tool, you can not only record a video of your iPhone's screen, but you can also record audio," Amboy Manalo reported for iOS Gadget Hacks. "After recording, it will be saved to your Photos app where you can trim the video down to remove the footage of when you started and stopped the recording." Get step-by-step instructions for iOS 11 Screen Recording.

5. Auto Uninstall Old Apps

Ever try to take a photo only to get that annoying "you don't have enough storage" message? Before iOS 11 you had to either furiously delete photos from your camera roll, or uninstall old apps manually. Not anymore! iPhone Hacks reported that a new iPhone Storage section lets you automatically uninstall old apps when you’re low on storage.

6. Take Live Photos During FaceTime

Because you love to document everything, iOS 11 has added a new toggle in the FaceTime settings for live photos during your call, according to iPhone Hacks. This feature lets you capture a candid live photo during a FaceTime call that will automatically be saved in your Photos app.

7. Emergency SOS

The iOS 11 update automatically installs the Emergency SOS feature for all iPhone users, according to iPhone Hacks. If you need help, just press the sleep/wake button five times quickly, and iPhone will automatically contact emergency services.

8. The One-Handed Keyboard

According to Meyers from iOS Gadget Hacks, many iPhone users have installed third-party keyboards on their phones because the default iPhone keyboard is not ideal for one-handed typing. Now, the iOS 11 update includes a one-handed keyboard option. The keyboard can be compressed to the left or right of the screen so you don't hurt your thumb trying to stretch it all the way across your phone. This is especially helpful if you have the larger iPhone model.

9. New Camera Secret Superpowers

The iOS 11 update brings a new optional iPhone camera feature that will dramatically improve your overhead photos. Meyers noted that, "Crosshairs will appear to help you properly level the iPhone so you get perfect pics either straight down or straight up." Learn how to unlock the new iPhone iOS 11 camera feature.

10. Major Upgrades To Photo Features

Aside from the hidden camera feature, iOS 11 brings a ton of new updates for iPhone photos, including GIFs being supported in photos, dragging and dropping images into new albums, synching your people album across multiple devices, selecting still images for live photos, the ability to trim live photos, new photo effects, longer exposures, and more. Check out the top iOS 11 upgrades for iPhone photos.

11. Hidden Document Scan

A new, built in document scan feature in iOS 11 means you can delete those third-party scan apps. "[The] Notes app has a new and useful feature hidden inside the + menu in a note," Pathak reported for iPhone Hacks. "Automatically scan multiple pages — in color or grayscale. You can edit the borders later as well."

12. Make A PDF in Safari

This new options combines the best of the new iOS 11 screenshot feature with a new iOS 11 Safari PDF feature. Essentially, you can save a page from Safari as a PDF, then mark it up and share it with the same tools available for the screenshot feature, according to iPhone Hacks.

13. Apple Maps Got A Whole Lot Smarter

OK, one of the most frustrating things for me personally about Maps is that it doesn't tell you if it's a left or right exit, or how soon you need to get over, when you're on the freeway. In Los Angeles, where I live, this often means trying to merge through four to five lanes within a half mile so I don't miss my exit. Super annoying, and dangerous. Well, iOS 11 has solved this problem by introducing lane guidance for the Maps app, according to Meyers. Basically, it advises which lane you should be in, and it also tracks your speed. Finally!

14. Auto Call Answer Feature

If you're one of those people who still actually talks on the phone, then the auto answer iPhone feature on iOS 11 is pretty great. "The next time you're cooking food and have dirty hands, you won't need to quickly rinse them off to accept a new phone call — your iPhone can automatically answer it for you and put it on speakerphone," Meyers noted. Get step-by-step instructions to enable auto-call answer for iPhone.

15. Wi-Fi Password Sharing

This one is pretty great. If you've ever been to someone's house and tried to log on to their Wi-Fi, you know it can be a challenge. Sometimes your friend doesn't even know their password because they've been connected for so long. Other times it's some crazy long combo of letters and numbers you definitely won't enter correctly. Now, the iOS 11 update has Wi-Fi password sharing, which allows one device to share a Wi-Fi password with another device at the same location.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the new features of iOS 11. Check out more iOS 11 tips and hacks to make your iPhone even smarter than you.