These ‘Iron Fist’ Costars Are Having Too Much Fun To Worry About Critics

When celebrities hang out with Bustle writers, we want to give them the chance to leave their mark. Literally. So we hand them a pen, a piece of paper, a few questions, and ask them to get creative. The rest is up to them. This time, Iron Fist stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick are leaving their mark in the Bustle Booth.

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing are back to protecting New York City in Iron Fist Season 2 when it premieres on Sept. 7. But when Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick stop by the Bustle offices in late August, they are focused on fun. "Oh my god, why are you being so serious in this interview?" Henwick asks Jones when he gives a thoughtful response to a question about Danny and Colleen's relationship. "Because I've got to go a little bit serious! We need to sell the show," Jones replies in defense. And while Henwick thinks that's "boring," the British costars ensure that their time in the Bustle Booth is anything but.

Jones and Henwick were introduced to the Marvel universe in Iron Fist Season 1 when it premiered in March 2017. Responses to the final piece of The Defenders puzzle were mixed, to say the least, but appearances in The Defenders and Luke Cage Season 2 gave the former Game Of Thrones actors more opportunities to show off their characters. And while promoting Iron Fist Season 2, they don't seem concerned about past feedback at all.

Actually, they seem pretty carefree besides Henwick's trepidation to turn 26 (her birthday was on Aug. 30). "I don't know, guys — 25 is treating me very well," Henwick says. "Twenty-six is a really good year," the 30-year-old Jones reassures her. They also chat about Jones' affinity for LaCroix sparkling water. ("I think that it should be known that Finn needs to get a La Croix sponsorship because he drinks so much La Croix every day," Henwick plugs.) And they touch on Henwick's makeup, too. ("I like your eyeliner — it's very glittery and sparkly," Jones says before adding with a Valley Girl-flair, "It's like your personality.") Worrying about the reception of Season 2 seems to be the last thing on their minds. After all, why would Henwick and Jones bother when they have as much fun as they do making Iron Fist?

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

"Honestly, our cast have the best time on set," Jones says. "Like, I'm going to say it's the funnest set out of all of the Defenders. We really gel, we really get on well, and we have a good time. Everyone that comes on the set says that."

Henwick and Jones note how the people on set have changed a little bit for Season 2. They lost Rosario Dawson, who made her last appearance as Claire Temple for the time being in Luke Cage Season 2. But they gained Simone Missick's Misty Knight and Alice Eve as new character Mary Walker. "It's been great to have Simone on and Alice on that also kind of felt the love and were able to have fun as well with it," Jones says.

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While Jones notes that Danny and Colleen's relationship has "grown up a little bit" with them living together in Season 2, he also jokes that Colleen could leave him for Misty. "They're lovers," Jones says before addressing Henwick. "Actually, you said that, didn't you? You [were] actually trying to make that happen." And after fans see Misty and Colleen's continued chemistry in Iron Fist Season 2, they might just start 'shipping these friends too.

But Henwick notes that Misty has eyes for someone else on their show. "Misty's got a bit of a thing happening with—" Henwick says before Jones finishes her sentence, "Oh, Ward." While Tom Pelphrey's Ward Meachum can be "a dick" as Jones notes, Henwick says, "That's the beauty of his character. That's the best part." And Misty is apparently undeterred by Ward's dickish ways since they flirt with each other when they meet in Season 2. "How can you not? He's so strapping," Henwick says while Jones adds that his Rand Enterprises buddy is "so handsome."

"It was so funny. On set, that was a thing [Missick and Pelphrey] just started doing," Jones recounts. "The director was like, 'Stop making that a thing!' And they were like, 'No, it's gonna be a thing.'"

"There's a bit of a chemistry between them," Henwick says. To which Jones adds, "You're jealous."

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Besides Misty and Ward's flirtation, there's Jessica Stroup's Joy Meachum and Sacha Dhawan's Davos alliance to contend with in Season 2. Davos is hell-bent on taking Danny's Iron Fist power away from him, but Jones only has positive things to say about the dynamic between him and his K'un Lun brother-turned-enemy. "It's been great to play with Sacha because it isn't just this kind of like, 'Argh, good guy versus bad guy.' There's a natural brotherhood there," Jones says.

While Davos' actions are pretty expected, both Jones and Henwick note Joy's 180 is harsh. "She's mean this season," Henwick says. And Jones notes that as empathetic as Danny is, he has a hard time with Joy. "Danny does struggle to see her point of view. Like Davos, I can understand. I get it," Jones says. "But with Joy, there is a lot of disappointment there."

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The easygoing interaction between Jones and Henwick highlights how well the actors behind Danny and Colleen get along in real life. Jones praises Henwick's "really impressive" fighting skills to which she replies, "Aw, shpanks." And Colleen's understated badassness is certainly something that drew Henwick to Iron Fist. "They don't feel the need to [explain it]," Henwick says. "She's strong and she just is. It was definitely one of the reasons why I signed up."

Jones agrees. "I've got to say I love our show for really representing lots of really strong, interesting female characters," Jones says. "And I think we should do more of that. It just makes the show so much more interesting."

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On the other fist, Jones notes that Danny isn't as in control as his female counterpart. "Danny's a vulnerable character," Jones says. "We aren't used to seeing someone who's vulnerable and is a bit of a mess — and I think that's unique for a male perspective."

Things may be getting too serious in the Bustle Booth for Henwick at this point. But the costars agree that even with its dark themes, Iron Fist is lighter than the other Netflix Marvel shows. "It doesn't take itself as seriously as the others," Jones says. "And that's the great thing about this season. It allows itself to have some fun and I think that's really crucial."

As for the future of Iron Fist, Jones notes that he's absolutely down to continue Danny Rand's story. "I would love to have a Season 3," Jones says. "I think where the show ends, it's just begging for it. The way the show ends, it's like — how can you not have a Season 3?"

But before that happens, Jones and Henwick are just making the most with Season 2, and of their Bustle Booth questionnaires.