‘Iron Fist’s Unanswered Questions About Bakuto Prove That He’s One Of Its Biggest Mysteries


Iron Fist left a lot of cliffhangers in Season 1, mostly due to the mysterious characters who show up in the later episodes. One of the most mysterious is Bakuto, a minor villain with connections to more characters than we know. The unanswered questions about Bakuto on Iron Fist give fans a lot to think about, especially if Netflix renews the series for Season 2. Major spoilers ahead for Iron Fist Season 1.

Bakuto is introduced as Colleen's sensei, who she immediately tells about Danny and the Iron Fist. Their interaction is so warm that it doesn't immediately send up a red flag — however, it turns out that Bakuto and Colleen are both members of the Hand, the evil organization that Danny Rand is sword to oppose. He's not associated with Madame Gao, and even imprisons her for Danny. However, when Bakuto steps in with the Meachum affairs and holds them hostage, it's clear that he and Gao aren't so different.

Bakuto's Hand academy masquerades as community outreach, which of course effectively places his minions in powerful positions throughout the city. Spooky. Colleen, disillusioned by the people who took her in like family, ultimately takes Danny's side. Bakuto sends the Hand after her, and then the two get into a confrontation in Central Park. Colleen isn't willing to kill him, at which point Davos steps in and stabs him in the heart. Here are questions that I have about that moment, and about Bakuto in general.

1. Is Bakuto Really Dead?


Well, based on the Hand's habits, I think we know the answer to this question — and so do both Danny and Colleen. Even if Bakuto didn't survive, he can easily be brought back to life.

2. Did He Attack K'un-Lun?


That seems likely, doesn't it? He was obsessed with finding the ancient city and the concept of an Iron Fist. With Davos off making deals with Joy Meachum, and Danny still figuring things out in New York, the city was left open. I wouldn't be surprised if the faction of the Hand lead by Bakuto is to blame.

3. What Happened Between Bakuto & Madame Gao?


On Daredevil, the Hand was a shadowy villain group, but Iron Fist revealed a few shades of grey. They aren't just ninjas and drug dealers lead by Madame Gao. So, who broke off from whom? There was clearly a schism in the Hand, and we definitely need to know more about that.

4. Is Bakuto Truly Evil?


While Harold Meachum was revealed to be the Big Bad overall on Iron Fist, Bakuto is still a bad dude — I think. It's difficult to say. He shoots Joy, but helps to keep her alive. His recruitment and training does provide opportunities for his community, but that community does attempt to murder Colleen. He's either a bad guy with some good intentions, or a good guy who makes a lot of bad compromises.

5. What Are His Plans For Darryl?


Colleen's top student, played by Marquis Rodriguez, was first seen in an episode of Luke Cage as a friend of Lonnie's. Turns out, Claire wasn't the only person in Harlem who found Colleen's dojo. He joins Bakuto's martial arts Hogwarts, which is concerning when they turn against Colleen and Danny. Bakuto even makes a point of saying that Darryl is "their future" — what does that mean? Will sweet Darryl become a Hand villain, or join Colleen?

6. Did He Let Madame Gao Go?


Finally, I'm not convinced that there ever was a schism in the Hand — the two could’ve been in on it the whole time. The footage of the old Iron Fist he showed Danny may be of Danny's father — who Gao also knows.

Since there are so many unanswered questions about Bakuto on Iron Fist, it's hard to trust the little information that we have.