Alesha Dixon & Her Partner Have A Love Story For The Ages, So Get Ready For A Cry

The Greatest Dancer/BBC

IMO one of the most underrated girlbands of all time is Misteeq. The name alone is incredible, let alone the redonk number of bangers they churned out in their time. One iconic member, Alesha Dixon has been on our screens a lot in recent years. So her professional life is obviously very busy, but what about her personal life, is Alesha Dixon married?

Sadly we don't see much of the gals anymore, but Dixon has gone on to do an absolute buttload of TV work since. Although it was at one point rumoured that Dixon had secretly married her long time partner Azuka Ononye after she introduced him as her "husband" when they appeared on The Michael McIntyre Show back in 2017. However, I contacted a representative for the singer and presenter and they have kindly have confirmed that she is not married.

The star said she had turned down his proposals on a number of different occasions in the past. She told The Sun's Fabulous Magazine, "He's given up on that. We just got with the flow. It's not really something we've discussed."

The pair have a super cute daughter together and are basically relationship goals. Ononye was a dancer on her tour and they knew each other for a while, but it was his utter kindness in her time of need is what really won her over.

Speaking about their relationship when appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show Dixon spilled that her bae is a total keeper. "I was kind of playing hard to get for about a year, and then I had the foot operation and I couldn't walk and he was literally sleeping on the floor looking after me every day".

Dixon's career as a singer was absolutely cracking, from her days in Misteeq to her successful solo career with songs like Breathe Slow and The Boy Does Nothing. And do you guys remember her appearing in the N.E.R.D. video for She Wants To Move? Chances are you tried to move like Dixon in that video—and failed. Those moves are fire!

However it was her Strictly Come Dancing win that really tipped her stardom over the edge and launched what has been an enormously successful TV career. Not only did she judge the dancing show for three series, she has also since been a judge on Britain's Got Talent, hosted Dance Dance Dance and is currently hosting The Greatest Dancer alongside Jordan Banjo. The exciting new show is an opportunity for dancer of all styles, backgrounds, and ages to compete to be crowned The Greatest Dancer.

The idea is that the dancers get down in a little studio in front of a mirror and actually y'all that mirror is a two sided mirror. You know what's on the other side? The actual braying masses. If they are deemed good enough by said masses, the mirror opens up and then they are on stage performing for the judges and an enormous studio audience.

The Greatest Dancer/BBC

So what is all that stress for? Well y'all, they are competing to win a cash prize of £50,000 as well as the chance to perform as a special guest on the next series of Strictly Come Dancing. OK worth it.

Watch The Greatest Dancer on BBC One this Saturday at 8p.m.