Is BECCA Cosmetics' Prosecco Pop A Permanent Shade? The Internet Thinks So

BECCA Cosmetics

When a beloved cosmetic brand comes out with a new product, the hype is real, and that couldn't have been more true than when BECCA Cosmetics released their Champagne Glow Collection with Jaclyn Hill. Now, it seems that popularity has caught the brand's attention because's BECCA's Prosecco Pop is a permanent shade. While Bustle has reached out to BECCA for comment to confirm this ridiculously exciting news, the internet already seems to think it's true, and signs online are definitely pointing to the rumors being real.

On Thursday, popular beauty Instagram account TrendMood posted an image of Prosecco Pop in what seemed to be pressed powder, liquid, and cream formulas. Fans immediately were excited, but at that point, no real confirmation had come from the brand. However, Prosecco Pop has become available again on both the Sephora website and BECCA's own site. In fact, Prosecco Pop is on the cover of BECCA's homepage.

Now, not only is Prosecco Pop for sale, but it's also for sale in all of BECCA's highlighting formulas. Whether you want liquid, cream, or powder, you can now snag that gorgeous golden glow in basically any formula you want. Like BECCA's other highlighters, the prices remain the same. If you want a powder or cream formula, Prosecco Pop will cost $38. If you're seeking a liquid, it'll cost you $41.

BECCA Cosmetics

Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed Highlighter in Prosecco Pop, $38, Sephora

Fans of the product are familiar with it from BECCA Cosmetics collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. The product first appeared in the Champagne Glow Face Palette that Hill released in conjunction with BECCA. As of now, however, it doesn't appear that BECCA Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill are in contact or are celebrating the launch. The closest commentary on social media came from Hill. However, to call it a comment would be a stretch.

Basically, Hill commented by saying she wasn't commenting. Clearly, though, something seems to be going on between the pair. Teen Vogue even caught a moment on social media in January about Hill not being aware of Prosecco Pop being made permanent.

Fans of Hill's have definitely taken notice of the omission of Hill's name from the launch and lack of social media mentions.

The lack of commentary is definitely making fans wondering what's happening.

Rumors aside, here's what we know: Prosecco Pop is available for purchase right now, and for fans of a gorgeous glow, it's great news. If you've been missing the golden hue, it can now officially be yours once again.