Bekah's Post-'Bachelor' Behavior Could Hint That She's Single Now

Paul Hebert/Bustle

Any gal who shows up in a cherry red Mustang for her introduction on The Bachelor is definitely scoring some major awesome points. It was clear from the second Bekah M. arrived on the scene that she was going to be a frontrunner for that final rose and Neil Lane diamond. Arie Luyendyk Jr. has clearly been enamored with the youngest contestant in the bunch, but did their connection make it to the very end and beyond? Or, is Bekah M. single after The Bachelor?

Well, there is no way to tell for sure just yet because as anyone in Bachelor Nation knows, contestants are contractually obligated to stay mum about their relationships (or lack thereof) during the show's run. Spoiling the finale before it can unfold is the cardinal sin of The Bachelor and no contestant wants to be the one who blows the surprise. As is the case, Bekah hasn't exactly been shouting front the rooftops about her current relationships status, since she is still actively in the running for the finale. That doesn't mean we can't take a peak at some of the possible hints she has been dropping in her social media, though. As careful as they all are, there is always some information that can be gleaned from pictures and tweets.

One of the biggest clues that basically screams that Bekah is not with Arie at the moment is a tweet she sent out on Jan. 10. She posted a photo of her from the show and captioned it with, "When you realize your worth is found in how much you love yourself, not how much attention a man gives you." That sounds like she is not only single, but happily single. Things may have no gone down well with Arie in the end, because that doesn't sound like someone who parted on good terms.

She has tagged Arie in some tweets since then, but mostly just in jokes and the occasional reminiscent photo posted to Instagram about their relationship on the show.

Of course, the fact that she is tweeting and posting to Instagram so much at all could mean that she could be confirmed to be single because, although it is not science, most of the winners don't live tweet the show and interact as much with fans during the final few weeks. After all, they have a major secret to protect! That's purely speculation, but she sure doesn't seem worried about spilling the beans and is ribbing Arie and the show with reckless abandon.

Although it doesn't seem like Bekah is in a romantic relationship at the moment based on her social media activity, it does seem like she came out of the ordeal with other special relationship. She and the other women in the house like Kendall and Becca K. have clearly bonded and constantly interact with each other on social media. They are actually more adorable together as besties than anyone was is with Arie. Sorry, it is a hard truth.

Again, it is not confirmed either way, but it just doesn't seem like she and Arie are going to make it to that final rose. Based on the many tweets she has sent out regarding the issue, and as much as it pains me to say it, the 14 year age gap between them could possibly have been a reason why. Arie seemed hella scared by it when she told them, and their relationship has been more friendly than romantic ever since. But, that would be Arie's loss, not hers — and, either way, she seems like she is living her best life post-Bachelor with all her new friends.