Bella Thorne Just Debuted A MASSIVE Tattoo Sleeve On Instagram

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hello, ink. Bella Thorne showed off a new tattoo sleeve on her personal Instagram on July 14. The tattoo is a massive statement piece. It's a full sleeve that spans the entire length of her arm and runs from her shoulder to her wrist. It's a beautiful design with an incredible amount of detail and features a woman drawn in black ink. From the Insta vantage point, it appears to be an outline and as though it's not finished or filled in with additional color. Thorne captioned the post simply, writing "Hi. New me." She didn't tag an artist nor did she share any details about the arm etching, which is totally her right since tattoos are such a personal form of self-expression.

You may find yourself unable to tear your eyes away from the actor's latest ink, though. The image has already generated over 860,000 likes as of press time. However, as Allure points out, some of Thorne's fans aren't quite so sure the tattoo is the real thing or if it's for a role.

Followers have been debating whether or not the tattoo is legit in the comments section. Some people flat out asked Thorne about the design's authenticity. Others posted their theories about how it looks on the skin and how it has creased, suggesting that it's drawn on and not permanent. Some commenters encouraged Thorne to take the plunge and commit to this design for real because it's such a stunning image that works with her edgy personal style.

Here's the image of the tattoo on Thorne's main Instagram account. While a fresh and healing tattoo sometimes looks a little bit different on skin, it's truly anyone’s guess as to whether or not this tattoo sleeve is the real deal. That doesn't make it any less mesmerizing. Thorne doesn't appear to be engaging or responding to any of the comments as of press time. Bustle reached out to Thorne's reps to inquire about the status of her new tattoo.

Thorne also posted a bunch of casual photos while posing alongside a car on her unverified secondary Instagram account on July 14, reports Allure. Fans had the same questions about the tattoo when commenting on this selection of images. As you scroll through these shots, the tattoo doesn't look entirely finished. It's as though more work needs to be done, especially on the forearm and around the elbow. Expansive and intricate tattoos such as this usually take several hours and multiple sessions to heal and complete. Therefore, it could be a work in progress for Thorne — if it is indeed real. The post featuring a few shots has also garnered nearly 60,000 likes in just a day. So fans are clearly feeling it.

Thorne posted yet another tattoo shot on her main Insta, showing off her spinal tattoo. The phrase reads "Bruised Not But Broken" and spills down the middle of her back. She didn't say much about this particular ink, either. Instead, she simply captioned the photo with "Bruised but not broken 7/23."

It's best to keep your eyes fixed to Thorne's Instagram account over the next few days to see if the tattoo sleeve is real or if she updates it with further color and lines. Right now, it remains a beautiful mystery.