Why 'Bachelor In Paradise' Could Still Work Out In Blake's Favor

John Fleenor/ABC

Blake Horstmann may have had a blast at Stagecoach, but his time on Bachelor in Paradise has proven to be much less enjoyable in the wake of his actions. In Mexico, it was revealed that Blake had hooked up with both Kristina and Caelynn prior to the show while also actively pursuing Hannah G. Many felt he was trying to have his cake and sleep with it too despite the fact that he wasn't in a committed relationship at the time. But is that still true post-Paradise? Is Blake single after BiP? He's had a hard time finding love throughout Season 6, but that's the thing about this place — you never know when someone's luck can change.

Regardless of whose side of the story you believe or whether you think Blake was intentionally leading these women on or not, there's no denying that this has proven to be an eye-opening experience for the Bach alum. He's doing his best to mend fences with the people he wronged while still attempting to find love. Caitlin certainly seems interested in him even after he came clean about his messy romantic history with some of the other women.

However, Kristina still continues to steal his attention whenever she can, hoping that she'll be able to secure a friendship rose from him that will allow her to stay another week. But does their relationship have the potential to turn romantic once more?

Though Caitlin and Blake fail to pop up on one another's social media accounts, the same can't be said for Kristina. When Blake posted an explanation about his history with Caelynn, claiming that the two of them weren't ever as serious as she made them out to be, Kristina posted a message of support to him in the comments section, writing: "Speak your truth, no one can take that away from you." At the very least, this shows that she no longer harbors any ill will toward him for his past actions. But at the most, it could indicate that these two are currently dating and that their story in Paradise is only just getting started.

Aside from that possibility, however, there are no signs that Blake is currently seeing anyone after the show. In fact, since his long post about all of the BiP drama, Blake has been pretty quiet on Instagram, making it somewhat difficult to discern what his life is like right now. Obviously, even if he were dating someone, he wouldn't be able to announce or confirm anything until the season is over for fear of spoiling things for viewers. But if he and Kristina really do part ways as just friends, there's a solid chance that Blake is still living that single life, at least for now.

Let's hope that either way he's able to walk away from this season with a fresh perspective on everything and grow as an individual. Perhaps it'll help him meet someone in the near future — just maybe not at Stagecoach.