Is Bryan Single After 'The Bachelorette'? His Instagram May Hint At How Long He Lasts


It's hard to predict the winner of The Bachelorette, but of course, fans always try. This season, an early frontrunner was the first impression rose winner, chiropractor Bryan Absolo. He managed to win the early distinction after seducing Rachel Lindsay by teaching her a little bit of Spanish and becoming the first to make out with her. But is Bryan single after The Bachelorette? Of course, until he's either eliminated or gets engaged to Rachel, there's no way to be sure, but after such an impressive start, it's worth wondering whether or not he'll wind up victorious.

Here's the biggest thing in Bryan's favor so far: Rachel seems to really like him, and he's managed to stay out of the season's biggest conflicts so far. Some of the men, like Iggy, constantly bring up what's going on when Rachel's out of the room, rather than getting to know her better. However, with so much time devoted to Lee and Kenny in the subsequent episodes, Rachel's search for love has taken a backseat to the drama. So while Bryan hasn't gotten much screentime, he's still clearly one of Rachel's favorites. As for whether or not he's single right now, analyzing his social media posts for clues is the best way to guess about his relationship status.

He Spends Time In The Gym

Rachel has been really into planning dates where the guys have to take their shirts off, and as the oldest member of the group — at 37 — Bryan joking calls himself the "the old man of the house." It's not much of a clue, since I'd wager that all of these men have pretty ambitious fitness regimens.

He's Still Tight With His Fellow Suitors

The Bachelor and Bachelorette stars frequently wind up becoming friends, but there's no way to tell if this means Bryan, Will, and Josiah are all unlucky in love. However, Josiah has been one of the most outspoken and competitive guys on the show, so it's hard to imagine him becoming friends with the man who won Rachel's heart.

He Thinks Dogs Are Life

Bryan didn't get the chance to meet Rachel's dog, Copper, when he made a little cameo earlier this season, but I'm sure the two will bond over their shared love of dogs at some point. And, if you want to really read into this, Bryan posted the photo on June 1, one day after Rachel and Peter went to Barkfest on The Bachelorette.

He's Not Here For The Drama

Bryan captioned this screenshot, "My reaction to all the upcoming drama I have nothing to do with!" And certainly, after just a few more episodes, things heated up and he stayed close to the sidelines. But is this a sign that he'll be eliminated soon after the Kenny-Lee conflict cools down? Or, perhaps, could this hint that he'll be around for most of the season, but remain drama-free?

He Is All About Family

Aside from a few pics of friends and some screenshots from watching himself on TV, literally all of Bryan's IG posts have something to do with family. He honored his dad on Father's Day, hangs out with his 93-year-old grandmother often, and his cousin has an adorable young son whom he loves to take pics with.

And Rachel Is Feeling The Same Baby Fever

Clearly, both Rachel and Bryan are ready to settle down. They are, after all, on a TV show where people get engaged in the final episode. And many people want to have kids, so it's not shocking that they'd both be excited to post pictures of the adorable babies in their lives. But on the exact same day, within hours of one another? These similarities between what Bryan and Rachel have been posting suggest that at the very least, they have a lot in common — and only time will tell if they end up engaged.