Caelynn Is Definitely Dating Someone Post-'BiP' — And It's Probably Dean

John Fleenor/ABC

For someone who had a hard time making any love connections at the start of the season, Caelynn's dating life has proven to be quite the rollercoaster ride on Bachelor in Paradise over these last few weeks. First there was the Blake drama, then Dean's arrival and departure, and now there's Connor S., who seems completely smitten with her. However, that could go sideways pretty quickly given Dean's highly anticipated return to the beach. But will this result in a happy ending or is Caelynn still single after Bachelor in Paradise is over? If some of her Instagram posts are any indication, it seems doubtful she'll be leaving Mexico by herself.

Back in July, reports began circulating that Dean and Caelynn are dating outside of Paradise, and while neither of them have confirmed the relationship, their various travels have been in close proximity to one another too much to be just a coincidence, leaving many fans to believe they are, indeed, still an item. For example, on July 10, Caelynn posted a photo of herself having a great time in Barcelona, Spain. (There's no one else in the image, but someone had to of taken the picture, right?) Interestingly enough, Dean proceeded to post a video of himself in Embalse de Yesa (which is also in Spain) the very next day. What are the odds these two would be in the same vicinity at the exact same time without being together?

And if you listen really closely at the start of the video, you can hear a woman trying to hold back laughter. Caelynn, is that you?!?!

On top of all that, Caelynn has hinted in some of her Instagram captions that she currently has a special someone in her life. "Coffee isn’t the only thing that makes me this happy," she posted on July 1. Of course, she doesn't go on to specify what else is making her so happy, but it certainly seems to indicate love is in the air.

Then there's the fact that they've both posted about being together in Paradise and playfully teasing each other in the comments. Sure, they ended things on OK terms, but this flirty behavior isn't typically something you do with an ex.

"A rare moment where Paradise actually felt like paradise," Caelynn wrote in the above post on Aug. 26. Shortly afterward, Dean commented on the image, writing: "went from a DM slide to making out with a mustache on a beach in mexico. you go sis."

Meanwhile, Dean posted a video of Caelynn kissing him on the cheek in an Aug. 16 alongside a caption that read: "when you grow a mustache and move into a van in an effort to effectively remove yourself from the dating pool but then you meet someone who’s into that weird shit."

Caelynn responded in the comments, saying, "It doesn’t make sense to me either."

Clearly these two are still very much apart of each others' lives. The only question is — is it in a romantic capacity? It certainly seems that way, but until one or both of them confirm the relationship, fans will just have to keep guessing on how things turn out for Caelynn in Paradise. Though the odds of her still being single seem less and less likely with each passing episode.