Is Caitlyn Jenner Running For Office? The Republican Activist Is Working For LGBTQ Rights

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In an interview that took place on radio host John Catsimatidis' 970 AM show, reality TV celebrity and transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner revealed she has "considered" running for office.

The former Olympian's discussion with Catsimatidis during the show is not the first time she has piqued the interest of her audience by discussing politics. In April, Jenner told CNN's Don Lemon that she would "seriously look at a run for office."

Catsimatidis asked Jenner about a "rumor" circulating about her possibly running for a position in the California senate. "I have considered it," Jenner responded, "I like the political side of it." Jenner discussed how she has worked closely with the American Unity Fund, a non-profit organization that centers its political work on encouraging conservatives to be more inclusive of LGBTQ issues on the basis that American freedom means "freedom for everyone."

Jenner told Catsimatidis that she wanted to know how she can best work in favor of LGBTQ causes. "Over the next six months or so, I gotta find out where I can do a better job. Can I do a better job from the outside? Kind of working the perimeter of the political scene, being open to talking to anybody? Or are you better off on the inside, and we are in the process of determining that."

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Jenner isn't only interested in running for political office; she also told Catsimatidis that she wishes to change the way the Republican party is perceived by the public.

In the United States, the perception is that [the Democratic party] are pro-equality, pro-LGBT, pro-this and that. The perception of the Republican party is that they're all about rich, white guys trying to make money.

She went on to say that she hoped that the image and perception of the Republican party can be changed for the better. The ultimate goal for Jenner is to make the Republican party "the party of equality."

Jenner told Catsimatidis that the "way to go" is to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative and said that equality should be for "everyone." But she did make clear that the change in the Republican party wouldn't be happening soon. "It'll take a while," Jenner said.