This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Rethink The Term #SquadGoals


As usual, Lifetime wastes no time in churning out enticing original content on a weekly basis. During the holidays, it debuts a bevy of Christmas-themed movies, but even during the hot and humid summer weekends, this network never fails to produce content we can't help but tune in for. This week is no different with the debut of Lifetime's new movie Cheerleader Nightmare, which centers around all the key Lifetime ingredients: love, betrayal, and murder. But how accurate is it to real life? Is Cheerleader Nightmare based on a true story?

The title alone sounds like something that's been pulled straight out of a horror film, but before we jump to any conclusions, let's get a better handle on what the premise of the film is actually about. The story features a girl named Sophie, who ends up accidentally catching her boyfriend cheating on her with the head cheerleader. But to make matters even more complicated, that same cheerleader gets murdered shortly thereafter and all evidence points to Sophie's boyfriend as being the culprit. But did he really do it or is he being framed by some unknown killer, and if so, why? All will be revealed when the movie kicks off on Sunday, July 29.

The official synopsis of the movie can be found below:

"While flying a drone with the AV club, teenage Sophie accidentally spies her boyfriend cheating with the school's head cheerleader. But when the cheerleader turns up murdered, Sophie's boyfriend becomes the prime suspect. He insists that he's innocent, bringing her evidence that he didn't do it, and Sophie believes the killer is framing her unfaithful boyfriend. When the killer strikes again, Sophie realizes that she must discover the real truth before she becomes the latest victim."

It's true that the situation Sophie has found herself in isn't good, but is she based on an actual person and is this horrific series of unfortunate events something that really took place?

You'll be happy to learn that, no, none of this actually happened in real life and that Cheerleader Nightmare is entirely a work of fiction, as is the case with many other Lifetime movies in the past. Do boyfriends cheat on their girlfriends? Absolutely. Do they ever get caught? Definitely. However, Sophie's relationship with her boyfriend — and the murder that ensued afterwards — isn't based on any specific couple or event. It's a mystery that was made up by the writers in order to entertain audiences. But hey, isn't that one of the reasons we love Lifetime movies in the first place? It allows us to escape reality, even if only for a few hours.

From the sound of the synopsis, it's possible Sophie's life could be in danger as well, meaning she'll have to work fast to get to the bottom of this killer's identity and their motive. It's a pretty scary premise, which should make us all the more thankful that it's not grounded in factual details. Be sure to tune in to see Cheerleader Nightmare, which premieres on Sunday, July 29 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.