This Trendy AF Superfood Can Also Work Wonders When Used In Your Skincare Routine

Ivan Gener/Stocksy

We are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients that we incorporate not only into our meal plans, but into our beauty plans, too. And it's a well-known fact that chia seeds have great nutritional benefits and are great for the body. But what about your skin? Is chia seed good for your skin? Let's take a look to discover if this little wonder seed is good for the skin when eaten and when applied topically.

Let's begin by analysing how chia seed can help your body when eaten and incorporated into your diet. First, it's worth mentioning that chia seeds are an amazing source of fibre, BBC Good Food states, which, in turn, helps to support a healthy digestive system. According to BBC Good Food, the seeds are also a good source of protein, making them great for vegetarians or vegans who lack protein usually provided by meat. Lastly, they contain magnesium and calcium, which are important in maintaining a healthy diet.

Calcium, in turn, aids in keeping healthy skin, beauty brand L'Oréal reports. So chia seeds benefit skin even if just for this reason. But there's more.

"Chia seeds can offer serious benefits when added to your skincare regimen too," explains skincare brand Perricone MD. "The oil extracted from chia seeds has incredible beauty benefits. Not only are they rich in precious omega-3 fatty acids, but they’re also intensely anti-inflammatory, calming and antioxidant-rich. What does that mean exactly? Chia oil is a great bet for restoring vital moisture, diminishing redness and inhibiting the appearance of wrinkles."

Chia seed can aid dryness on the face, lips and body when applied topically, and it can also provide a noticeable glow on the complexion, according to Perricone MD.

So how can you incorporate chia seeds into your skincare routine? There are several products you can buy that already include the ingredient in their skin-care formulas: