Is Chic Really Betty's Brother On 'Riverdale'? He's Not Who He Says He Is

Shane Harvey/The CW

There may be nothing more important than family when it comes to Riverdale. Whether it's a loving supportive family like the Andrews, or a family that is less focused on love and more focused on money like the Blossoms, the town of Riverdale lives and dies by its families. Suffice to say, when it was revealed that Chic may not really be Betty's brother on Riverdale, it was a pretty big deal. Family is all about who you can trust, and the Coopers have gone through a lot for the sake of taking care of Chic. If Chic isn't really related to Betty and the Coopers — then who is he and what is he planning?

The matter of family comes up multiple times in "Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood." Specifically, the complicated history of the Cooper-Blossom bloodline. It's revealed that Clifford Blossom's will dictates that some of his fortune will be given to anyone with Blossom blood — from Hal Cooper to Clifford's previously-unseen twin brother. With blood and family on the mind, Betty grabs some of Chic's used dental floss and sends it to "the lab" for testing to get to the bottom of his true identity. When Betty gives Chic the results, he's shocked and confused. However, Betty gives it to him straight, stating bluntly that Chic "isn't who he says he is." So if Chic isn't really Betty's long-lost brother, then who is he?


The fact that Chic isn't really who he says he is raises a lot of questions, and none of them have simple answers. The most out-there explanation could be that he's not related to the Coopers in any way, and that Chic is a random person who is obsessed with Betty that tricked Alice Cooper into thinking that he was her long-lost son. If this is true, than Chic is a criminal mastermind the likes of which Riverdale has never seen. However, the likelier explanation is a lot more simple. Chic isn't who he says he is because he's not Betty's brother. He's her half-brother.

Hal hasn't been a fan of Chic ever since the youngest male Cooper entered the family structure. Hal has been openly antagonistic, even cruel, to his son who spent most of his life struggling and scraping for cash. However, this blood test may reveal that Hal isn't Chic's father at all. If Betty was testing for Blossom blood in Chic to see if he could profit from Cliff Blossom's will, she likely wouldn't find any Blossom blood in him. Betty's own relation to the Blossoms comes from her father, so if Chic doesn't have Blossom blood, then he is scientifically proven to not be Hal's son. However, just because he's not Hal's son doesn't mean he isn't Alice's son.


Where Hal has been cold and rude to Chic, Alice has been warm and supportive. She's been so supportive of Chic that she even murdered a seemingly random person who showed up at their doorstep who wanted to harm Chic. However, if Hal isn't Chic's father – who is? With no idea whose blood to test it against, Betty is going to have to pull some difficult answers out of her mother to learn the truth about Chic. Although, some fans have speculated that the former Southside Serpent Alice and Jughead's dad may have had a thing.

Of course, there's a chance that even this theory isn't true. Riverdale has be never been shy about pulling the rug out from under its audience, and if Chic is Betty's half-brother, that doesn't explain why she stormed into his room and accused him of claiming to be someone he wasn't. Even if Betty learns the truth about Chic's parentage, she may never learn the truth about Chic's intentions. When it comes to the son of the Cooper family, the mysteries are never-ending.