Did Any Of Christen's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Romances Work IRL?

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Paul Hebert/ ABC

This season of Bachelor in Paradise has been a roller coaster for some unexpected reasons. Between the questionable group of immature men that most of the women have to deal with and the bullying Christen endured (let her enjoy her seafood, OK?), as a viewer it has been tough to see the positive moments through the haze of frustration. Luckily, it looks like Christen shook off the haters and found herself with many dudes fighting for her heart, which was sweet to watch. But, is Christen single after Bachelor in Paradise?

Speaking to Christen's character as a human being, she was actually able to see The Tickle Monster as more than just a super questionable moniker. After the two of them went on a date that included a pretty sweet, spontaneous kiss, I was really rooting for these two. She also went on a date with Matt until he couldn't decide between Christen and Jasmine and left the show. Then, enter Jack Stone, who sounds like he should be the hero in an action thriller and should always be referred to by his first and last name. Jack Stone had his eye on Christen and snagged her right after her date with the Tickle Monster. The two of them even ended up making out, which only confused Christen even more as to her feelings. So, did she end up walking away single from Paradise or did she end up with a new boyfriend at the very least?

Of course, Bachelor Nation contestants usually keep these kind of things under wraps until the season is over, because spoiling a Bachelor season is not allowed. (Although the rules for Paradise seem a little less strict considering we know pretty much everything that happened between the couples' post show.) And, a quick look at contestants' social media pages can give a little insight into what life is like after Bachelor in Paradise. None of the parties involved in Christen's case have posted photos with one another on their Instagram, which could be a not-so-clever method of throwing fans off the scent or it could just mean that they aren't really interested in showing off the relationship because it didn't make it out of Mexico.

Of course, pictures are always the best way to try and tell what's going on with these people, but since they are choosing to keep their Instagram free of clues, there's still another place to turn for information: Twitter. Christen hasn't shared anything that definitively reveals whether she is single or not, but she did post one tweet that doesn't exactly bode well for anyone that she may or may not be a relationship with at the moment.

At the moment, it seems like Jack Stone and Christen are the most likely take their romance into real life, but that may not have been the case. Jack basically confirmed that he didn't find love in Paradise, as the tweet below suggests.

With no obvious signs of being in love or even in a relationship, it's unlikely Christen walked away from Paradise with Jack Stone (or anyone else for that matter). But, after being so sought after all season, perhaps she'll find success IRL — or she can always return to BiP Season 5 for another round of love-finding.