Daisy Ridley Has Blonde Hair Now & She Looks Completely Different

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It's been said time and time again that blondes have more fun. It looks like Daisy Ridley is finally about to find out whether the myth is true because the Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress just debuted blonde hair.

It's no secret that Hollywood's finest have a thing for going blonde. Selena Gomez traded in her signature brunette for blonde and nearly worked the Twitterverse into a frenzy. These days, Cara Delevingne is no stranger to a bleach blonde. Kris Jenner even temporarily jumped on the bandwagon by trying out an icy blonde. So, it's obvious that golden locks of every hue are trending amongst the stars. The look is so captivating that celebs like Khloe Kardashian have even gone blonde and never turned back.

Now, Ridley is the latest A-lister to ditch her recognizable 'do in favor of something fresh that has completely transformed her looks. The once dark brunette is known for slicking back her strands into a neat updo. Her tousled waves may have still been pulled away from her face when she uploaded her first pic with her new 'do. But this was a Daisy Ridley her fans had never seen before.

"Why is there so much discourse over the colour of Daisy's hair? I'm fine with it either way, Daisy still looks fabulous," the actress captioned one of her posts with her new hair.

Taking London by storm while attending the Incredible Women Talk Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall and the screening of the BAFTA nominated documentary, Jane, Ridley was a vision in blonde. She let her hair do the talking as she kept the rest of look very minimalist, dressed in head-to-toe black.

Even her updo was a complete 180 from her usual. The actress paired side swept bangs with a messy low bun, letting her lighter hair pieces get the spotlight. It was a refreshing hair transformation, considering Ridley normally rocks sleek bun styles.

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Ridley isn't the only member of the Star Wars family taking a break from being a brunette. Emilia Clarke, set to star in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, recently dyed her hair bleach blonde, transforming into a real life Khaleesi. There must be something in the water because it looks like going blonde is the thing to do.

There's no telling how long Ridley will stick to her new look, though. Even if it's only temporary, fans of the British actress are so here for Star Wars' leading lady in blonde.

They're even mentioning her in the same breath as Selena Gomez, a star that took the internet by storm when she went for a lighter 'do.

The Twitterverse was quick to confirm that Ridley's hair was the real deal, just in case you thought it was a wig or a master photoshop job.

The dramatic transformation left many fans in shock.

Others questioned whether or not the dye job was for a new acting gig. After all, celebs are known for completely altering their looks to take on the identity of a new character.

Whether it was for a movie role or not, Twitter users were on board with Ridley's golden mane.

It really doesn't matter to her fanbase if she's blonde or brunette. Ridley was still the same beautiful woman that captivated audiences.

Some would even argue that her new look was better, even though the color of her hair is Ridley's choice at the end of the day.

Overall, it seems Daisy Ridley's new look is a major win for the actress. Crossing over to the light side was a dramatic change for her, but it's surely paying off.