Danielle L.'s Relationship Status Might Be Spoiled By These Photos

ABC/Michael Yada

After getting sent home way too early during Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, it was pretty much a given that Danielle Lombard would show up for another shot at love this summer during Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. Danielle got every man's attention the second she showed up to the Mexican resort, and got into an immediate love triangle with Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman. But how did that all end up for her? Is Danielle L. single after Bachelor in Paradise?

There is no completely concrete answer to this question yet, since the season is still airing and the cast usually tries their best to keep the story lines private. Not only that, but Chris Harrison told Entertainment Weekly that the end of this season "will extend back into the real world" and there will be a live finale, so things could change between the end of the cast's time in paradise and the live show. When it comes to Danielle, specifically, her love triangle with Kristina and Dean will most likely be addressed during that live reunion.

No matter what ends up happening with Danielle and Dean (or Dean and someone else who walks onto the beach) at the resort, it should be noted that they both live in Los Angeles and they were spotted together at a farmer's market after the show stopped filming. Bachelor expert Reality Steve shared photos of the outing on his Twitter page. Does that mean they are a couple? Not necessarily, but since they did hit it off in paradise and they live in the same city, it really is not far-fetched that they would still be seeing each other.

Then again, it could be that Danielle's opinion of Dean changed after watching the Monday, Aug. 21 episode. This show is edited and Danielle surely recognizes that, but nothing Dean has done on the show so far screams "boyfriend of the year." Dean went back to Kristina after his date with Danielle to have a private talk so they could make up. It seemed like he was back with Kristina when they were cuddling at the bonfire... until he got up to get a cake for Danielle's half birthday. Yes, not even an actual birthday — a half birthday.

Of course, in future episodes anything could happen between Dean, Danielle, Kristina, their opinions of each other, and any other new cast members who catch their eyes. Now it's just a waiting game for the fandom, checking Danielle's social media for clues until the finale airs.