Danielle L.'s IG Hints At Her Post-'Bachelor' Life

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/George Burns

This season of The Bachelor has been a competitive one. The ladies vying for roses and televised love are all driven, successful, beautiful women. Still, like every season of The Bachelor, there are a few clear frontrunners. This season that includes the reserved, but confident Danielle Lombard. Danielle's resume was impressive before she ever stepped foot in the Bachelor mansion. She's a business owner, model, and product promoter based in LA. But, is Danielle L. single after The Bachelor? As a frontrunner, her relationship status is unclear since she's contractually obligated to keep show secrets. But, her post-show life is revealed through her social media.

Danielle has been featured quite a bit already this season. She and Nick have danced and made out in front of not one, but two live audiences. Danielle has received competitive group date roses and had a one-on-one in Nick's hometown. All this evidence screams that Danielle is a lady to watch in the race for Nick's heart and Neil Lane's ring. Whether or not she's currently engaged or single though is a mystery, but her social media shows she is living it up either way.

Danielle is focusing some of her energy on Instagram modeling. While Danielle was already a model and product promoter before her time collecting roses on TV, The Bachelor has given her a whole new platform. Danielle is currently at 188k Instagram followers and that number will continue to grow the longer she stays on the show. Social media has changed the game for contestants who appear on The Bachelor. WetPaint reported that Bachelor golden couple, Jade and Tanner, may make around a million dollars from promoting products on Instagram alone. With that kind of money up for grabs, it is no surprise that Danielle joins many contestants in using her Instagram for promoting. This doesn't clue us into whether or not she is single, but it definitely reminds fans that Danielle is a businesswoman first.

Danielle has done quite a bit of traveling since filming The Bachelor. She spent a bit of time in Thailand over New Year's and, in the above photo, is shown appreciating being home in Florida. I can imagine that after being in front of the cameras for months on end, there would be a desire to move around freely and independently. And, Danielle has been doing just that!

If The Bachelor does end in heartbreak for her, a desire to travel would make sense. There would also be no pressure to stay in one place for secret meet-ups with Nick. But again, just a guess.

While we don't know if she is secretly seeing Nick, we do know she is publicly spending time with the friends she made on the show. Many contestants spend more time with each other than with the lead during their time on The Bachelor, so it is not surprising life-long friendships are formed. Danielle clearly made buds on the show and has taken fun trips with her new friends now that filming is wrapped. She sweetly captioned the photo below, "At the happiest place on earth with these beautiful people!"

Another way that Danielle is living it up is by enjoying watching her and her friends on the show. Danielle has tweeted during episodes on multiple occasions and seems to genuinely enjoy watching it all back. Whether this indicates a happy ending for her Bachelor love story or just that she has a sense of humor about everything is still unclear. It's good that Danielle is enjoying watching it all, the goal is to be able to experience the ride with everyone. Plus, her tweets are just fun and goofy.

While tweeting about the show is fun, it seems she is also spending time with those who loved her before she was a Backstreet Boys dancing, rose collecting Bachelor gal. Danielle has been spending time with her family after being on national TV. The above photo shows her at her cousin's wedding with her dad. Whether or not she is single or engaged post show, she definitely fits in quality time with her family after not seeing them during filming.

Danielle is also doing a good job teasing fans on her Instagram about her relationship status, though. She often posts stills from the show, including ones with Nick. For this sweet photo she wrote:

This day will always have a special place in my heart ❤️Words can't even describe how happy I was that entire day

It is unclear whether this caption is a sweet hello to her current fiancé or simply a walk down memory lane. It seems that Danielle thinks fondly of Nick and the experience either way — which could hint at a not-bitter breakup or a happily ever after experience.

I hope Danielle found what she was looking for on The Bachelor. Either way, the show appears to have been a positive experience for her. If Nick rejects her in the end, maybe she'll end up with a Backstreet Boy. They seemed to be her number one fan.