Is Danielle M. Single After 'BiP'?

Paul Hebert/ABC

Despite the fact that Danielle M. decided to leave Bachelor in Paradise early so she could take a job opportunity in Kenya, she may have managed to find love on the show, after all. But is Danielle single after Bachelor in Paradise or not? The way she left definitely hinted that she could have something going on with Wells, who surprised her with quite a few smooches when she left to catch her plane home. And now, fans are wondering if those kisses turned into more.

Unfortunately, both Wells' and Danielle's social media give zero clue about what the answer to this question might be. Neither of them have mentioned or shared photos with anyone they might be dating — which makes sense, since most of Danielle's recent past has been sent helping children in Africa — but they have been hanging out a lot lately. Of course, they both live in Nashville. But even if they're not dating, they're at least — so if you're rooting for them to get together, it's not too late. After a kiss like that, how could they not at least attempt to to date? And the signs are there.

Case in point: This Boomerang from Danielle's Instagram. This could totally be a couple thing.

If they are together, it seems like they're not confirming or denying anything — maybe because BiP is still airing? — so the true answer to this question won't be revealed until they're ready. However, if Twitter is any indication, fans are getting antsy, so hopefully, they'll be ready soon.

Danielle and Wells could both easily be considered a catch, so if they aren't dating each other, whoever they each end up with is a lucky person. And if they're still single this time next year, there's always Paradise.