Danielle M.'s Post-'Bach' Love Life Is A Mystery

Rick Rowell/ABC

Danielle M. (not to be confused with Danielle L., which I did for the first half of the season) seems like the nicest lady on her season (aka Nick Viall’s season) of The Bachelor. She works as a NICU nurse in Nashville, and I think that maybe that’s the key to her warmth and kindness — I thought the same of Chris Soules’ season winner Whitney Bischoff, and they have the same job. Whitney won the whole damn season of The Bachelor (even though she and Chris eventually broke it off), and I’m curious to see what Danielle M.’s relationship status is since filming has wrapped. Is Danielle M. single after The Bachelor?

Danielle M.’s love life hasn’t been all daisies. Early on in the season, she admitted to Nick that she had found her late fiancé dead of a drug overdose, and it took her a long time to get over it (as it would, because I can’t even imagine what that would be like). Danielle M. didn’t know that her fiancé’s problem was as bad as it was, and she beat herself up over his death. Nick was kind to Danielle M. about her tragedy, and then… that was their only one-on-one date. I know that Nick has a bevy of other women to go out with, but damn, Nick — this woman tells you her very, very tragic story and then gets pretty much nothing? I’m not sure that Nick and Danielle M. made it long-term, but I’m certainly willing to dive into her social media accounts for hints on what’s going on in Danielle M.’s life now. This is what I found.

Danielle Is Big Into Country Music

She lives in Nashville, so that’s to be expected, but what I didn’t guess was that Danielle M. actually knows the artists who live in Nashville. She has snaps of her and American Idol-contestant-turned-Nikki-Reed-ex-husband-turned-country-star Paul McDonald, and also a picture of her with band The Head & The Heart. Must be nice to know people in musical places.

Showing Her Bachelor Gals Around

I don’t know if The Bachelor went to Nashville this season (at least, they haven’t yet), but a group of them all looked cozy in Danielle M.’s current town of Music City. I hope they listened to live music and drank whiskey while they were there.

Danielle Is Modeling

Danielle M. is a pretty woman, so it's not a surprise that she could be a model As the caption of the above video says, she's working on some "special things" with Nashville designers, though there's no word on whether or not her moves are the special part.

Danielle Still Loves Her Job

You have to be a really special kind of person to be a nurse, let alone a NICU nurse that has to take care of sick, vulnerable babies, and it's clear that Danielle M. really likes her day job. You can't do that job unless you want to, really, and people should appreciate everything that she and other NICU nurses do.

Is Danielle M. single after The Bachelor? Your guess is as good as mine. She could be with Nick, she could be with a new guy, she could be with nobody! Her social media is airtight (contractually, I'm sure), so I guess we'll just have to wait until After The Final Rose or dare I say Bachelor In Paradise to find out what the sitch is for Danielle M.'s love life.