This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Think Twice About Planning Your Next Vacation


Lifetime has a way of turning ordinary trips into horrific experiences with movies like The Wrong Cruise and Killer Vacation. And while the network's latest movie, Deadly Excursion, isn’t based on a true story, it might make you think twice about hopping on a boat. According to Lifetime's synopsis, the movie follows a mom and daughter who decide to spend spring break together on a small cruise. Little do they know, the captain is a complete psycho who wants to bury the daughter alive and kidnap the mom. Yeah, it's a short description, but it's just enough to lure in Lifetime fanatics who can't get enough heart-pounding drama.

Thankfully, Deadly Excursion's trailer reveals a few more details about this unthinkable vacation. It doesn't include the names of the mom and daughter, but they are see boarding a small boat with just a captain on board. It's honestly hard to tell which person is the mother because, at first glance, they both look extremely similar in age. Cheers to great genes!

Of course, things quickly go awry: the mom finds something suspicious in a bag, and the captain basically tries to drown her daughter. It's a wild situation to be in, especially since there is no land in sight and probably no way to contact anyone for assistance. The blonde duo flail and scream that need to get the eff out of there, but the captain points out that they have nowhere to go. Oh, and he's also pointing a weapon at them, so it's not looking good.


Somehow, they make it to land, where the captain chases the mom down a random path. Then, the ladies wind up in Jeep together, but for some reason are sitting still (hello! gun it!) until the captain pops up at a window. Surprise, surprise. There's tons of screaming and yelling "Mom!" as they scramble to get away from their captor. The clip ends with the mom asking this creepy dude if he is a sex trafficker, to which he responds no and says she is "special." It's not clear what he means by that, but it's enough to make your skin crawl.

It will be interesting to find out how many women he has kidnapped and/or killed before and why he targeted these two. The cost for a private boat trip is presumably expensive, so perhaps he is looking for some extra payment, thinking that they have money to spare. Or he could just be a sick person with even more sinister motives. Either way, all signs are pointing to this guy eventually dying in the final fight, because that is the Lifetime way.

Because Deadly Excursions isn't a true story, you can feel free to face palm and be extra judgy about this mom-daughter duo's not-smart decisions. It's honestly the perfect way to wind down on a Friday night – snacks, an overly dramatic movie, and yelling at your TV. Find out how it all ends on Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. ET.