Demi Lovato Just Dyed Her Hair Blonde & OMG

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Remembering a time when Demi Lovato didn't have dark hair is difficult. In fact, while she's done different iterations of brunette in recent years, her look hasn't been brightened up in some time. Now, though, that's changing because Demi Lovato's blonde hair has made its Instagram debut. While fans didn't get a full glimpse of what's coming from Lovato and her new 'do, it was more than enough of a sneak peek for people to get stoked to see what hair change the "Tell Me You Love Me" singer is rocking.

On Monday evening, Lovato took to her Instagram account to tease just a bit of honey blonde hair falling below her jawline. While you can't see the full effect of the change, there's no denying that the look is warm weather perfection. In fact, you could say that it's "Cool For the Summer." Too much? Yeah, okay, probably.

However, Lovato's new blonde hair is totally different from what she's been sporting over the past year. She's been crushing the dark hair game with short bobs, ultra long locks, and waves. Now, though, she's taking a spin as a blonde, and fans can't wait to see the full look on Lovato.

According to Allure, colorist Amber Maynard is responsible for Lovato's new look making this change real and not a wig. She explained to the magazine that Lovato is always up for changing her hairstyle, and while Lovato has, in fact, been blonde before, she's never done a color on the singer quite like the one she has now.

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Maynard did drop a few details about Lovato's new look in her conversation with Allure, though. The first is that Lovato didn't just color her hair. She also had extensions added to give her locks a little bit of extra length. Alongside the length, she revealed that the new color also features a shadow root that she created custom for Lovato. Fans have yet to see that part of the new style.

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While this does mark kind of a big change for Lovato who has become known for her dark hair lately, it's certainly not her first change. After all, she's been famous since she was a kid. That's bound to mean multiple changes over time.

Most notably, though, this isn't her first time being blonde.

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Back in 2016, Lovato also went blonde. Unlike this go around, however, Lovato went full on blonde to the root instead of adding brighter blonde pieces to a lightened up base. Honestly, though, it just proves she can rock any hair color she wants.

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Need proof? She went red at the 2012 People's Choice Awards where she won the award for Pop Singer.

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It hasn't been all natural hues that Lovato has rocked either. She's also gone for a gorgeous ombre blue that was honestly kind of perfect for the star.

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It's not just the color that Lovato changes up. She rocks different styles as well. How edgy and cool was this half shaved cut with blue ombre?

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Of course, there's her dark "Cool For The Summer" bob from 2015.

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In 2017, she returned to dark and ultra-long locks for most of the year.

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While Lovato's signature look (at least as of late), may be gone. She's just further proving that she can wear any sort of style out there. From bobs to waves to half-shaved looks, her hairstylist choices are limitless. Now, fans know her hair color choices are, too. Here's hoping she debuts the full blond look soon because inquiring minds (or eyes) need to know (or see).