Demi Lovato & Jesse Williams’ Wedding In Her New Video Will Make Fans Emotional

It seems that fans can’t get enough of Demi Lovato and Jesse Williams’ on-screen romance in the singer’s emotional new music video. Lovato's "Tell Me You Love Me" video, which was released on Friday, Dec. 1, features the couple in what appears to be a very complicated relationship. What starts off as a seemingly happy proposal quickly goes completely sour as jealousy and arguing begin to eclipse the happiness that once was. The back-and-forth bickering between the on-screen couple is sure to make you emotional as you watch the relationship literally dissolve before your very eyes.

In the video, the actor who gets on one knee to ask for Lovato's hand in marriage later becomes extremely envious of his on-screen fiancée's texting habits, and the arguments seem to be non-stop from there. The two later patch things up manage to make it down the aisle. Although, Williams' character ends up ditching Lovato at the altar.

The video seems to closely complement the lyrics from "Tell Me You Love Me," which is off of Lovato's recently released album of the same name. The touching words detail a tormented love affair between two people who appear to really care for one another, although they can't seem to get things right within their relationship. The singer speaks of the relationship's dramas in the song's first verse:

"Oh no, here we go again
Fighting over what I said
I'm sorry, yeah I’m sorry
Bad at love, no, I'm not good at this
But I can't say I’m innocent
Not hardly, but I'm sorry"

Meanwhile the second verse talks about Lovato not wanting to be without her significant other, who is played by Williams in the vid. The singer shares the hopes that they'll be together forever:

"And I hope I never see the day
That you move on and be happy without me
Without me
What’s my hand without your heart to hold?
I don’t know what I'm living for
If I’m living without you"

Although things get pretty ugly between the two throughout the course of the video, fans can't help but swoon over just how gorgeous the on-screen lovebirds look standing side by side.

Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the pairing of Lovato and Williams. The reactions seem to run the gamut between excitement over the faux couple's matchup to curiosity about Lovato's romantic history in real life.

1. Does It Get Any Better?

One fan can get over how great Lovato's video featuring Williams turned out.

2. "Like Damn"

Another viewer use one word in particular to sum up the feelings behind William's appearance.

3. This Person Is Screaming

This Twitter user couldn't help but to shout after catching a glimpse of the on-screen romance.

4. Is This Real Life?

Meanwhile another fan claims to have figured out a parallel with rumors about Lovato's romantic past.

5. Same.

This fan has questions which seem to share similar sentiments with the commenter above.

6. The Kiss Of Death

One Lovatic needed to be brought back to life after watching the video.

7. Out Of This World

Someone was totally into the video, pointing out just how great the chemistry was between Lovato and Williams.

8. The Total Package

A commenter got emotional while watching the greatness of the new video.

9. Hello World

The video gave this fan total life.

10. We Are Not Worthy

Another enthusiast of the matchup is extremely grateful for the video.

Williams, deservedly, appears to be everyone's new favorite leading man within the music world. His recent H&M commercial collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj sent fans into a major meltdown when it was released earlier this past November. And this latest pairing with Lovato has certainly done its fair share of sending the Twitterverse into overdrive.