Demi Lovato Just Made A MAJOR Change To Her Signature Long Hair

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

'Tis the season for celebrity hair changes, and the A-listers are keeping it interesting. As People Style found, Demi Lovato now has a bob. She traded in the waist-length locks that she's been rocking lately for a chin-length style, and seems to be loving it. You might not be able to believe your eyes, but the drastic hairstyle is real.

Although Lovato is mid-Tell Me You Love Me Tour, she decided to take a pit stop to chop off all of her hair. She kept the jet black color the same, but got rid of about twelve inches of hair. How's that for spring cleaning?

While Lovato has yet to post anything on her timeline about the new look, there's no doubt that she's loving the locks. She took to Instagram stories to show off her new lock. Because celebrities, they're just like us. The string of selfies and mirror pics show a side-swept style that short in the back and touches her chin in the front.

According to social media, celebrity hair stylist César DeLeön Ramirêz was responsible for the chop. He posted a Boomerang of Lovato showing off the hair on his Instagram with the caption, "New Cut New D..."

Sorry, she's not sorry about this hairstyle.

This is an odd time for Lovato to get a haircut. She's in the middle of her Tell Me You Love Me Tour. She had a break in her schedule on the night that she got the chop, but is set to perform in Miami, Florida on Mar. 30 and in Tamp, Florida on Mar. 31. The singer has been rocking long locks on stage thus far, so it will be interesting to see if she decides to debut her new style on stage.

Of course, Lovato is no stranger to hair chops. She's constantly going back and forth between extra-long hair and super short. The singer seems to love both style equally, so it's not surprise that she's back to her choppy ways. After all, summer is coming, so maybe she's shedding her locks for a new season.

Either way, she looks incredible with the new style. Like I said before, she kept the color the same, but has a chin-length style. It seems to be longer on one side than the other. Don't take my word for it though. Here's a photo, so you have something to take to the hairstylist with you for inspiration.

Fans are loving the new hairstyle just as much as the singer is too. People took to Twitter to compliment the singer's new locks. While some fans were surprised to see her go so drastic with her style, the ones that have been with her since the very beginning weren't surprised at all to see her back to her choppy ways.

No matter where you land on the Demi-hair spectrum, you're going to relate to at least one of these fan feels.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Lovato can do no wrong when it comes to hairstyles.

I'm just going to set this one right here, because it speaks for itself.

This hair style doesn't just slay — it slaays.

Because, let's be honest, whether it's real or not doesn't take away from the fact that she looks absolutely amazing.

Can you blame him? This hairstyle is just too good.

All the heart-eye emojis for this bob.

If this look doesn't inspire you to head into the salon and try something new, then I don't know what will. It will be interesting to see if she rocks the short locks on stage or go to her trusty extensions for the rest of the shows.