What Is Going On With Detective Kinney On 'The Originals'?

Bob Mahoney/The CW

What is going on with Detective Will Kinney on The Originals? After The Originals "Haunter of Ruins," it's a question ever Originals fan will be asking. The episode ended with Kinney killing an EMT and essentially kidnapping four innocent children who had just narrowly escaped being sacrificed in some kind of evil magic ritual. Yeah, that happened. So, is Detective Kinney sacrificing children on The Originals? And, if so, why and how did a mortal like himself get involved?

At the beginning of the episode, Kinney seemed eager to help Vincent find the four missing children and help save their lives, but he was turned down by Vincent. These children weren't normal missing children, they were taken for magical purposes, which means Vincent and Marcel have the best chance of finding them. It turns out, Vincent knows a little more than he lets on. The magic that lured the children out is a dark magic Vincent and his former wife were seduced with back before the Mikaelsons returned to NOLA. The magic demanded sacrifices, and his wife became so consumed by the power, she started sacrificing babies. The missing kids are a continuation of this ritual, and Vincent and Marcel are able to stop a witch from killing four kids in NOLA, and Hope, who they find out is also tied to the spell and meant as a sacrifice.

After they saved the kids and contacted Hayley about Hope, Vincent and Marcel sent the four kids off in an ambulance. And that's when Detective Kinney stepped in, murdering their EMT driver and taking the ambulance full of innocent children. As far as we know, Kinney doesn't have any magical powers, so, is he helping someone performing dark magic? Or, is he possessed and doing the bidding of some greater evil? Whatever he's up to, it doesn't look like it's good news for those kids, which means it's definitely no good for Hope Mikaelson.