Diggy's Post-'Bachelorette' Life Offers Clues About His Romantic Status

Michael Yada/ABC

After the introductions, it's finally time for the men to begin fighting over Rachel's love on The Bachelorette, and it's hard to keep track of her many suitors. One early standout was Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland, who explained that he gets his nickname from his on point style. But since the season has already finished filming — Rachel is engaged, according to an interview with The Hollywood Reporteris Diggy single after The Bachelorette, or was he able to win Rachel's heart? Of course, ABC won't want any of the Bachelorette participants to reveal the answer before the end of the season, but there are a few social media clues that can help determine if someone is single or not.

And, from what Diggy has revealed about himself online since filming the show, fans can theorize whether or not he would be a good match with Rachel, since chemistry is, naturally, a big factor when there are so many men to choose from. Immediately during the premiere, most of the men started fighting with Lucas (also known as "Whaboom") over how he might be here for the wrong reasons, but it seems like Diggy does genuinely want to be with Rachel. He wasn't a part of the "Husband Material" challenge, but could he possibly be her future husband? Here's what his social media has to say.

He's Still Happily Promoting The Show

If a contestant is booted from the show early, they may be a bit unenthusiastic about promoting it. But Diggy has been attending many events and even opening up his Instagram and Snapchat accounts for questions from fans. So if Diggy was eliminated, it doesn't seem to be that he has a grudge against Rachel — or at least not against fame.

He's Still A Devoted Sneakerhead

Anyone who boasts about having hundred of pairs of sneakers must be spending a fair amount of their cash on chasing the newest trends. Nothing wrong with the odd expensive habit, but this could be a sign that he's still single, since Rachel is looking for someone ready for marriage and family and all of those are pretty expensive.

He Could Be On The Move

There are many, many reasons to post a listing for your apartment on Craigslist. Diggy posted one such listing in November 2016. But, based on the events he's attending, Diggy is still based in Chicago. Still, given that The Bachelorette films in Los Angeles and Rachel is from Dallas, perhaps he changed apartments in preparation for a move to a new city.

He's Visiting California Frequently

Again, could there be more reasons why Diggy posted a photo from Malibu? Of course, it's a great place to visit, so it's no wonder he captioned this "Sometimes you just gotta stop and [smile]." It seems like he was also there for a graduation as evidenced by the above picture. But it could also be a great neutral location to meet up with Rachel if the two are together. The show does give happy couples some secret weekend getaways while the show is airing.

He's Certainly Into Sports

Whether it's connected to The Bachelorette or not, looks like Diggy has been getting into more local sports. Obviously, judging by the basketball date, sports are really important to Rachel. So indulging his sports-loving side could be a sign that he's trying to have something in common with a future wife. Or, he just really loves sports.

He Met A New BFF On The Set

Even if Diggy does turn out to be single right now, he did gain at least one pal during the season — the similarly named Iggy. These two turned out to have more in common than just their name, since it looks like they formed a real friendship this season. If one bro turned out to win the season and the other bro went home empty-handed and empty-hearted, that must be one strong bond.

He May Be Looking For Another Gig

I don't know if someone who was happily engaged would be retweeting fans suggesting they should be the next Bachelor, or replying flirtatiously to comments from strangers. That could be a way to throw suspecting fans off of his trail, or a suggestion that while Diggy is a likable Bachelorette candidate, he is ultimately not the one who will go off with Rachel into the sunset. Of course, only the rest of Rachel's The Bachelorette season will provide the truth.