You Won't See Drake At The iHeartRadio Awards

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After racking up a whopping 12 nominations, fans are wondering if Drake will be at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards to accept his trophies in person. If you follow Drake, then I'm sure you may have noticed that the Toronto-born rapper skipped out on last month's Grammy Awards celebration. Should we take this as a sign that he'll be a no-show at the March 5 awards ceremony also?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, unfortunately, Drake's still currently tied up on his European Boy Meets World Tour at the moment. According to his concert date listing, he'll be rocking a stage in Norway on the very same evening of the iHeartRadio presentation, making it nearly impossible for him to be in California for the big event.

When the OVO entertainer failed to attend the Feb. Grammys show, some speculated that he was part of a boycott that celebs such as Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West had reportedly participated in due to feelings that show was not a proper representation of the music industry. While it's not completely clear if Drake is or isn't on that same bandwagon, the 30-year-old had a different excuse for skipping out: he's just plain busy sharing his superstar talents with the world. Hey, you can't be mad at that, right?

Perhaps, if we're lucky, Drake will send in a video of his acceptance speech to be played during the ceremony. Or, better yet, maybe he'll give us a peek of his Norwegian performance via satellite. A girl can dream, right? Either way, it doesn't take away from the fact that Drizzy was nominated for more awards than anyone else this year. I'm going to go ahead and bank on him snagging at least one statue that the evening.

The iHeartRadio Awards, which began airing annually since its inception back in 2014, confers awards in more than 30 categories. Drake receiving 12 nominations is a pretty big deal. In fact, the "6 God" rapper currently stands as the second most nominated artist in iHeart awards history, with 15 nods in total. Ironically, he falls in line just behind his former bae, Rihanna, who holds the title with 19 noms in total.

It worth noting that the iHeartRadio awarding is based on listener feedback, so fans have a heavy influence on the outcome. And, obviously, all signs point to them wanting Drake in 2017. I guess we just have to all hope that he'll drop new music this year and perform at the ceremony in 2018... I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.