Why Harry Styles Fans Should See 'Dunkirk'

Lots of the hype around Dunkirk, especially where millennial viewers are concerned, has been focused on Harry Styles. The pop singer's first major foray into acting is in one of the most anticipated and warmly received films of 2017, but considering it's an ensemble movie, is Dunkirk really worth seeing for Harry Styles fans? Well, since the film's emphasis is on bringing together some of Britain's most high-caliber actors together to tell the story of the famous WWII evacuation, Styles doesn't get any more screen time than most of his co-stars — but don't worry, it's for good reason.

The trailers for Dunkirk are a good indicator of how the film divides its time between each famous actor. It gives its time to a few strands of story, weaving them together to make one complete film. Within one of those strands we see Styles as Alex, who is attempting, with his soldier friends, to get safely off the beaches of Dunkirk any way they can. He gets a good amount of screentime, but no more than anyone else, and his character blends in with the rest. All this is to say that while Styles is certainly an exciting addition to the cast, it's clear that Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan didn't make any special scenes or craft any special moments for him simply because he was coming into this film as an internationally-renowned pop singer.

But that's not to say that Styles doesn't hold his own in the film. In fact, as multiple reviews have pointed out, Styles can indeed act, and might have a big future in film. And so, it's fair to say that Dunkirk is still totally worth seeing, even if the star doesn't have a massive role. Whether you're a diehard fan of Styles or you are super curious to see how the singer transitions to action, he clearly shines in the film — but he just doesn't outshine the other actors too much.