Dustin From 'The Bachelorette' Already Has A Very Special Lady In His Life


He may have managed to snag one group date rose, but Dustin could still be single after The Bachelorette. In fact, at this point, it seems most likely that he is. The competition for Hannah B.'s heart is heating up, and although he seems like a great guy, Dustin seems to be fading into the background. The time for him to shine is running out.

When he met Hannah for the first time on After The Final Rose, Dustin attempted to give a toast in her honor, and oddly enough, it was reminiscent of the cringe-worthy one Hannah gave during her first one-on-one with Colton Underwood on The Bachelor. (Never forget the two words she eventually mustered out: "Roll tide!")

"I'm so nervous right now," Dustin said after giving her a hug. "Cheers to the start of a wonderful beginning. Um, blah blah blah blah. An amazing journey and for us getting to know each other and also hopefully us choosing each other every single day.” After that, fans thought for sure the two were a match made in awkward champagne toast heaven.

Hannah gave Dustin a rose after the second week's roller derby group date because he got back up and persevered after falling and injuring his ankle. But since Luke P. began dominating Hannah's time with the Luke S. drama, Dustin and many of the other guys have fallen behind in their relationships with her. And it doesn't help that Dustin is admittedly shy and quiet by nature.

"I'm not like a lot of the other guys," he told her. "And I do want to be bold with you, but I just have to find my own way." Hannah seemed totally fine with that, and of course encouraged him to stay true to himself. But at this point, Dustin may have run out of time to find his groove. And now, it's very possible that he walks away from the show single.

However, the stylish Chicagoan is definitely one of a kind and will have a lot to offer in a relationship when he does find the one. According to his ABC bio, Dustin is an experienced real estate broker at Chicago's number one real estate brokerage, so he knows how to market himself and seal a deal, and he may even have a sweet high-rise in the city. He also claims to be a pro at Jenga, so he needs a girl who isn't afraid of a little friendly competition; and also one who enjoys to Netflix and chill as much as he does, but that shouldn't be hard to find.

He was raised by his single mother and insists on having her approval when it comes to any girl he dates. Although mom would most likely approve of Hannah (Really, who wouldn't?), it's very possible that his new Bachelor Nation family could introduce him to the woman of his (and his mother's) dreams. For now, though, he has the perfect four-legged woman in his life — his English bulldog, Sophia. And the lucky lady who ultimately wins Dustin's heart will have to win hers, too.