Eric Has No Hard Feelings Towards 'Bachelorette' Rachel

by Samantha Atzeni
ABC/Randy Sager

With the suitors dwindling on The Bachelorette, Eric Bigger is still going strong. It is unclear whether Eric is the one for Rachel, but their group date shows an obvious spark between the two. He seems very comfortable around Rachel, but since the show has long since ended is Eric single after The Bachelorette? If he doesn't end up with Rachel, he could be back on the dating market.

As more contestants are sent home, a good indicator of potential chemistry between Rachel and her suitors is the conversation during their dates. In the case of Eric and Rachel, their last date in the July 10 episode went really well. During their time together, Eric was opened up to Rachel about his childhood in Baltimore and his difficulty in maintaining a healthy relationship. Eric’s honesty showed that he trusts Rachel, and she reciprocated by choosing him as one of the final four.

Now that Rachel is heading to Eric's hometown of Baltimore in the July 17 episode, there is still a possibility that Eric may end up this season's winner. Of course, if that's the case, Eric's Instagram is not giving anything away. If Rachel did choose Eric as this season's winner, both Eric and Rachel are keeping their secret pretty well. Eric's social media posts neither confirm or deny that he is single at this point — but that's to be expected.

As a personal trainer and motivational speaker, most of Eric's social posts center around his desire to encourage and inspire his followers. However, there are a few posts that indicate that Eric may have won over Rachel in the finale. The above post from June 28 shows Eric and Rachel's time in Copenhagen, Denmark where the two are obviously enjoying each other's company. Eric wrote to Rachel in the caption, "You are the only one who allowed me to open my [heart] up and feel something I never felt, and it's so beautiful because WE create magic." The post is sweet and heartfelt and it could mean there's a happily ever after between the two.

However, the Instagram posts that follow focus more on Eric's business, including meeting with his "inspiration community." The posts show Eric focusing his attention on something other than romance, which could indicate that he's single and still looking (or just trying to keep an epic secret).

In preparation for the hometown dates, Eric's latest posts are about the show, including a new picture of Eric and Rachel in an obvious romantic embrace. The caption reads that Eric is looking forward to his trip home to Baltimore with Rachel.

This post isn't as promising for fans, but it still illustrates that Eric enjoyed his time with Rachel, and there are, at the very least, no hard feelings — which is really all you can ask for.