Is "Ever Since New York" On Spotify Or iTunes? Harry Styles' Fans Want This Song ASAP

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On April 15, Harry Styles marked his first solo appearance on Saturday Night Live by dropping a brand new single for his fans to enjoy. He sang the anticipated song "Ever Since New York" on the show, but is "Ever Since New York" on Spotify or iTunes, so fans can put it on repeat?

Currently, no. But I can't imagine it will stay that way for long. Styles' other single "Sign Of The Times" is on both platforms, which means "Ever Since New York" is probably on its way. You have to remember, Styles just dropped the new one on Saturday night during his SNL stint, and he didn't play it until nearly 1:00 a.m. ET. I would expect the song to be available by the morning when people who aren't me and didn't stay up to watch Styles wow us on live TV are awake and can put the song on the streaming and downloading platforms. Still, even though the wait is likely to be a short one — now that fans have heard the tune, they want to play it over and over again. Twitter lit up soon after his performance to lament that they couldn't yet download the melody.

Don't worry Styles fans, it'll probably be on the sites before you know it. And, until then, just watch the YouTube video of his SNL performance on repeat:

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

It's gonna be a long wait until May 12 for the full album isn't it?