Faith’s Relationship Status May Reveal What’s Up With ’Vanderpump’s Jax & Brittany

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If you doubted that Vanderpump Rules could still be interesting after all these years, well, the Season 6 premiere told a different story. Not only was Jax Taylor accused of cheating on longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, but the woman he allegedly cheated with could be pregnant. Oh boy. The woman in question? Faith Stowers, SURver extraordinaire and pal of the Vanderpump Rules cast. Seeing as this premiere was shot months ago, what’s happening now? Is Faith from Vanderpump Rules single?

Let me fill in some blanks for you first — Jax and Brittany’s summer spinoff show, Jax And Brittany Take Kentucky, ended with Jax leaving to go back to Los Angeles and Brittany sticking around at her family home in Kentucky to think some things over about their relationship. They fought the whole time they were in Brittany’s hometown, so this made sense. The Season 6 premiere of Vanderpump Rules showed Jax and Brittany reconciled, but we all know nothing gold can stay. Right before Scheana’s masquerade-themed birthday party (because of course), the rumors started flying that Jax and Faith had slept together. Faith claimed that Jax had texted her and asked her to hang out. Faith works as a live-in home health aide. She says that Jax came over to her client’s house… and the two of them, as Chris Farley would say, "Got. It. On." Fast forward, and Faith claims she's missed her period, and we all know what that could mean — Pregsville, population, 2.

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It all hit the fan at the party, and everyone was Team Brittany or Team Faith. Not a lot of faith (pun intended) for Jax, because audiences have watched him cheat on his girlfriends for six years now. Kristen said, “I want to hit Jax in the balls with a hammer. But over the shorts, so I don’t have to look at them again.” Jax categorically denied any misdoings on his part, and viewers got a big, fat "TBD" on how the rest of this played out. But according to her tale, Faith is going to be involved.

Besides being a former SURver and a current home health aide, BravoTV.com notes that Faith is a television correspondent and a pal to many a Bravolebrity. Here’s a snap of Faith and Andy Cohen from Faith’s Twitter:

But when it comes to Faith’s dating life, there's not much out there on her social media. Her Instagram isn’t updated very often as compared to the others on Vanderpump Rules, and it’s fully of selfies and pictures with her other friends. No one jumps out as a possible significant other.

It looks like she’s having fun, but it doesn’t seem like Faith is dating anyone at the moment. If she is, she’s not making it public, and that’s fine — not everything has to be on camera! Frankly, I’m more interested to see how this whole cheating scandal will play out. The sad truth is that Jax has cheated on his girlfriends before, and his track record isn’t great. It’s hard to believe him when he says he didn’t do anything with Faith, and he doesn’t exactly have backing from the other SURvers, past and present. Tweets from both Kristen Doute and James Kennedy don’t exactly inspire confidence:

Faith’s lack of social media updates could mean she’s hiding, or it could mean she’s over all of it. Her last tweet was just an emoji pair of eyes:

What does it all mean? Could Faith really be pregnant with Jax’s baby? Why would anyone have unprotected sex in the first place? Did Faith’s 90-something-year-old patient wake up during Faith’s dalliance with Jax?Vanderpump Rules is giving mostly questions and no answers. The only thing I can say is that Faith is probably single, and she’s keeping things on lockdown on her social media as the beginning of this season airs.