Is 'Fences' On Netflix? Streaming This Oscar-Nominated Adaptation Is Easy If You're Willing To Pay

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Thanks to how quickly films can come and go from theaters lately, streaming options often appear after just a few months. Many of the current class of Oscar nominees are either already streaming or will hit streaming services soon, so now's the time to catch up on some of the year's best and brightest movies. So, let's get started: is Fences on Netflix? It's the go-to for recently released films, but unfortunately, there's no news about Fences being on its way to the streaming service. There's also no deal between Paramount and Netflix that might bring the film there quickly, the way The CW or Disney properties become available.

However, you still have a few viable digital alternatives Fences was just added to Amazon Prime streaming for $14.99. It's a little steep, but no more so than a movie ticket (albeit, a 3-D movie at a major chain). It seems well worth it in order to own one of the most highly venerated films of the year, especially if it's the film that finally garners Viola Davis an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

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Other options for currently streaming Fences include pretty much every paid streaming service. Vudu has it right now, as does iTunes, Google Play, Xbox/Windows, Fandango, and you can even buy Fences directly from Paramount. Unfortunately, the film isn't streaming for "free" anywhere like HBOGo, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

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Of course, Fences just popped up on these services shortly before the Oscars, so in time, you may eventually find a place to buy, rent, or view the film for less than $14.99, the consistent price across all of the above sources. For now, it really just depends on where you like to store your digital film copies. Watch everything via iTunes? Use that. Prefer to use an Xbox? That's an option too.

With all that said, if you didn't manage to catch Fences in theaters this winter and watch Denzel Washington and Viola Davis go back and forth in every scene of the film based on August Wilson's wonderful play, you're not too late. Whether you just love watching movies at home or you're frantically trying to finish an Oscar ballot as accurately as you can, there are plenty of places to stream Fences.