Rihanna May Have Teased A New Stunna Lipstick Shade In The Sneakiest Way Possible

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty sure can cause a stir with a deceptively simple Insta post. The brand is uber inclusive and is credited with inspiring other brands to be the same. Plus, the products are ace AF, from the Body Lava illuminator to the Mattemoiselle lippies to the 40-shade foundation range. The Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint is one of the boldest products the brand has dropped thus far. Fans and Fenty fanatics are theorizing that the brand is dropping a second shade of Stunna Lip Paint and it's all based on a subtle Insta tease.

The original Stunna is a matte liquid lippie in a universal, Old Hollywood glam red shade, dubbed "Uncensored." The wand is tapered to a stiletto-like point, which feels very intentional and very Rihanna. The stay-all-day shade is drama, drama, and more drama.

In the animated teaser image, five tubes of Stunna are lying flat. A sixth tube rolls down to join the crew. The caption instructs you to double tap for a surprise. When you click the image to play it, it looks like the shades in the tube change color. The hues get darker.

Did Rihanna just reveal a new shade without officially confirming it? It sure seems so.

You have to watch the video at least two or three times in order to fully appreciate and notice the shade change in the tube. The morphing hue was not lost on fans, who reacted fervently. They have spoken — they love the product and want more color choices.

Bustle reached out to Fenty Beauty reps for further information.

Here is a sampling of the Insta comments on this post.

Fans are vocal about their desire for more shades and how much they love this product already.

A darker shade is what many fans think they are seeing.

Fenty Beauty has not given us any indication of what's coming and when. But they were being coy and playing a bit of a visual game with us. It was an optical illusion of sorts.

The Stunna Lip Paint is a longwear, fluid lip color. While it's a "POW!" color, it's also weightless and promises 12-hour wear. The finish is matte and Rih and co. worked tirelessly to ensure the shade suited all skin tones.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

It boasts a precise wand with a divot on the center, which ensures flawless application. Rihanna envisioned head-turning color but in a low-maintenance formula.

Rihanna shared an informal and impromptu tutorial on how to wear the Stunna Lip Paint on her own Insta when the product dropped last fall. While the singer, Puma Creative Director, and makeup mogul joked that viewers shouldn't laugh at her tutorial skills — as if!— it was a terrific way to show fans how to use the product.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

It was like having Rihanna as our own personal MUA for a minute and you can't beat that.

While the Mattemoiselle slim case lippies come in 14 shades, including blues and greens, Rihanna has limited the Lip Paint and Gloss Bomb to one shade a piece. The latter is a peachy pink with sparkle and smells like vanilla apricot frosting. It also lights up lips like a luminizer.

Hopefully, Fenty Beauty will be extending the Stunna Lip Paint shade range. Customers are so ready for it. If it's only one additional color, that's good enough for fans who are already devotees the product. If it's multiple shades, well, that's even better.

Whatever the case, we’ll be here waiting with bare lips that we want to paint with Stunna. Or we'll rock Mattemoiselles and Gloss Bomb in the interim.