Here's How Long Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection Will Be Around

Another day, another time to praise the work of Rihanna. The artist turned beauty mogul can basically do no wrong at this point, and she's giving fans even more of what they want. Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection made its social media debut on Thursday, Sept. 21, and it's got the internet up in arms in the best way possible. With what appears to be an eyeshadow palette, liner, and more lip products, the Galaxy Collection is seriously going to be out of this world. But how long will it be in the world?

We all want to know if the Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection will be limited edition. Unfortunately, it looks like fans will have to wait to find out for sure.

On Thursday, Fenty Beauty and creator Rihanna took to their Instagram pages to reveal the collection, but they didn't give everything away nor did they reveal a ton of details about the collection. So we had to ask about how long the collection would be around.

In a response to Bustle, Fenty Beauty explained that they will not be revealing any more information regarding the collection until Oct. 13 — which also happens to be the launch date. Come next month, though, Fenty fans will officially get all the details on the Galaxy Collection.

While there aren't a ton of details on price or availability, fans aren't totally in the dark when it comes to the product. The teaser images are pretty telling, and Rihanna herself even posted images of herself wearing portions of the new collection. Most notably, fans got a first look at the eyeshadow palette.

In the social media images, Rihanna is, of course, rocking the Fenty primer, Pro Filt'r Foundation, the highlight and contour Matchstix, and the gorgeous Killawatt highlighters, but that's not all she's slaying.

On her eyes, she's killing it in the new holiday palette with shades Nepturnt, Sublime, and Xtraterrestrial on her lids. Not only do the shades look incredible, but those names are basically the best on the market right now.

A closer look at the palette also reveals that you won't find a plethora of browns and neutrals that are often unusable on deeper skin tones. Instead, Rihanna incorporated what looks like a few transition shades with mostly seriously stunning, vibrant colors perfect for women of color.

It's basically a galactic dream, and fans are ready.

The twitter response to the holiday collection rivals even the debut of the brand itself. After all, it hasn't even been a month since Rihanna debuted her permanent range of products. Now, we're getting a full holiday collection? Yes, please.

Someone go spam the Fenty Beauty Instagram page with praise hands because the brand deserves it.

Of course, expectations of the holiday collection appear to be high, but given the astronomical number of positive Fenty Beauty reviews, it's almost impossible to believe that the products will be anything short of fantastic. While information like pricing isn't available, guessing retail value isn't difficult. Given that fans know the price point of the permanent goods, Fenty Beauty lovers can can probably expect similar price points to most other high end palettes, liners, and lippies.

While no one knows if the Fenty Galaxy Collection will stick around after the holidays, at least we know what's coming from the brand. With what appears to be lipsticks in the line-up, fans can probably bank on them to be added to the permanent range.

The palette may not be around forever, but Rihanna clearly has the formula down, and it's safe to assume that more shadows will be on the way.

In essence, Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection is coming to replace even your favorite palette. With stunning colors, an exciting theme, and a lot a mystery, get ready because Fenty is coming for your money.