Is Fiore Really Dead On 'Preacher'? The Saint Of Killers May Have Put Him Out Of His Misery

Skip Bolen/AMC

The second episode of Preacher's sophomore season picks up right where the premiere left off: with the Saint Of Killers hot on the gang's heels… and by the end of the hour, the hellish gunslinger will have claimed a surprising victim. But is Fiore really dead on Preacher? If the villain is gunning for Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy — and specifically the half-angel half-demon being named Genesis that's possessing the titular man of the cloth — then why was it the previously immortal angel who bit the dust? After all, Fiore was the one who hired the Saint in the first place.

Before the episode reached that climactic moment, viewers witnessed yet another massacre at the hands of the Saint to follow up on the premiere's roadside shootout. This time, the Saint arrives at a hotel that happens to be inhabited by a guns-and-ammo convention. And after Jesse makes the alarming discovery that his Genesis-induced superpower doesn't work on the Saint, he is unable to stop the killer from slaughtering everyone in his path. Fortunately, the show's main trio escape with their lives… and they seek out Fiore at a casino called the Mumbai Sky Tower, where the immortal being has set up shop as a magician.

Fiore's tenure as a popular showman came about accidentally. After the Season 1 death of his partner DeBlanc — who was killed for good by the Saint when the angels went to Hell to hire the gunslinger to kill Jesse — Fiore's been stuck in a rut of despair, committing suicide and coming back to life over and over again. His powers of resurrection inadvertently cause him to become an overnight sensation, and he's been masquerading as The Amazing Ganesh ever since.

Skip Bolen/AMC

When Jesse & Co. track Fiore down at the Mumbai for intel on their unstoppable pursuer, the depressed angel spills the truth about his role in letting the Saint out of Hell. (It's also revealed that the Saint can track their location every time Jesse uses the Voice; sort of like how the Death Eaters can track anyone who uses Voldemort's name by putting a trace on it.) In an effort to get Fiore to call off his killer, Jesse spills some intel of his own: that God has gone missing from Heaven. The preacher expresses his intention to use Genesis to track down the MIA deity, and so kindly asks Fiore to terminate his deal with the Saint. But of course, things won't be that simple.

As they're leaving the hotel, Jesse commands the angel to "find peace" — but as seems to happen so often, his command is interpreted in a way other than the one the preacher intended. Convinced that Jesse will only ever use Genesis for his own selfish purposes, Fiore tells the Saint where to find his target: in New Orleans, where the trio is tracking the jazz-loving Yahweh next. He then requests that the Saint put him out of his misery so that he can join his beloved DeBlanc in… wherever angels go when they die.

So the Saint puts a bullet through The Amazing Ganesh… and this time the magician doesn't come back to life, much to the audience's annoyance. It was nice knowing you, Fiore. I hope you found your peace — and your partner — in the angel afterlife.