Is Gigi Hadid's Pink Hair Real? Her Birthday Hue Was So Pretty

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pink hair, don't care! Gigi Hadid debuted pink hair on Instagram while celebrating her 22nd birthday on Apr. 23. She also rocked blunt bangs. It's not the first time the supermodel has done this look, having paired hot pink hair with bangs back in January of this year. Since it was her bday and she's a model who has access to a glam squad and all sorts of coif treatments, both short and long term, it's no surprise that Hadid had a little follicular fun. The pink 'do was long, straight, and topped with bangs. The color was ombre — it was dark at the roots and faded out to a softer, paler pink at the ends. Yes, it was legit gorg. But is Gigi Hadid's pink hair real? Or was it the work of a wig?

Upon closer inspection of the Instagram story photos and the fact that this pink hair looks incredibly similar to her previous pitstop at pink hair, this appears to be a wig and possibly the same one!

I also come to this conclusion based on the cut and the color and the fact that this look isn't practical for her job. She has to change up her hair based on what campaign she is shooting or runway she is walking. Therefore, a drastic and permanent change is not likely.

Faux or not, it was amazing to look at and Hadid owned it.

Gigi Hadid Instagram Story

Hadid's pink locks matched her sunglasses and her jacket. Now that's a new standard in matchy matchy.

Gigi Hadid Instagram Story

Hadid struck a fierce model's pose with this mirror selfie, showing off her cotton candy pink strands. It's such a sexy and dramatic 'do.

Gigi Hadid Instagram Story

This close up selfie allows you to see and appreciate the colors in this coif. The bangs and the roots are a bright hot pink, while the ends are softer and more unicorn-like. Notice that the lenses of her sunnies match the bangs, while her powdery lipstick shade matches the tips. Is that an accident? Probably not.

Aw, her pink hair also matched her cake. That said, she doesn't appear to have pink bangs and strands while getting a bday smooch from her main man, Zayn Malik. That's yet another reason that Hadid's pink hair was temporary.

For reference, here's Hadid's prior pink hair.