Here's The Deal With Gigi's Short Blonde Hair

Spring is here, which means hair changes are in full swing. Not a day goes by without a celebrity getting a new haircut or color for the season, and at first glance it looked like this model was joining in on the fun. Gigi Hadid has a new blonde pixie cut... or does she? If you're wondering whether or not Hadid's latest hair change is real, the model answered the question for you. Here's everything you need to know.

There are tons of celebrities getting hair changes lately, and it seems like every single one of them is going shorter. Heck, even Kim Kardashian chopped her mermaid-like locks. But Hadid's is a little bit different. Why, you ask? Because it's fake. You can all breathe easy if you loved Hadid's long hair, because this is all one big joke.

The model posted a picture of herself with a sleek pixie cut with wavy bangs on Instagram. She even went as far as putting the scissor emojis in the caption. But it turns out that it's all one big April Fools Day joke. In between comments of people freaking out and praising the new 'do, she commented, "jokes joke... happy April foolz fwendz" (sic).

Honestly, Hadid can do no wrong when it comes to hair changes. If this were real, it would be absolutely gorgeous, but it isn't. Personally, I'm obsessed with the fact that she could fool so many people. Moral of the story: don't believe everything you see on the 'gram.

If she fooled you, don't worry. You're not the only one who thought the look was real. People on Twitter fell into three categories — obsessed with the 'do, despised the look, or knew it was a joke. Here are some of the best reactions.

Don't be too sad!

All jokes, my friend.

The mom resemblance is real.

The emoji says it all.

At least someone got the joke.

This should be a laughing face instead.

She does look great though.

Who knows, this could just spark some inspo for a real cut.