Glossier's Invisible Shield Is Perfect For Everyday Wear

Courtesy Glossier

Glossier product launches are always exciting, but this one, in particular, has fans of the cult beauty brand freaking out. According to an article Emily Weiss wrote for Into The Gloss, sunscreen has been the brand's most highly requested product. Now that it’s here and available to shop, you’re dying to find out all about it, right? One thing you definitely need to know is if Glossier’s Invisible Shield is waterproof because that’s definitely going to change the way you wear it!

According to the brand’s product description, the SPF 35 product is not waterproof, so if you’re going to be swimming or intensely sweating while working out in the sun, for example, this product is probably not your best bet. But honestly, for pretty much any other occasion — Invisible Shield will have you set.

Simply apply this clear watergel formula after applying a primer or moisturizer. Wear it on its own or complete your makeup routine as usual knowing that you’ve got SPF 35 to help protect your skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure. Now, that’s skin care made simple! Considering this leaves no white cast, has a light citrus-y scent and retails for only $34, this will surely be your go-to sun protectant. Better yet — it’s here just in time for summer, so don’t miss the chance to add this to your personal collection, ASAP.

Prepare to take your routine to the next level because this unique formula is everything you've ever needed from sunscreen.

It may not be waterproof, but it's still pretty amazing.

This incredible formula that really seems like it will look and feel like you're not wearing any sunscreen will have you wanting to slather it all over!

Because it's high time you get your priorities straight and pack some SPF into your daily regimen.

Courtesy Glossier

Invisible Shield SPF 35, $34, Glossier

Now that this item has landed on the Glossier website, I'm in an "add to cart" kind of mood. How about you?