Will Godzilla Show Up In 'Kong: Skull Island'?

The excitement mounts as the time draws closer to the premiere of Kong: Skull Island. Another full-length trailer dropped and this time, we got a better look at Kong and all the feats of brute strength he was capable of exerting. But oddly, it didn't look like Godzilla was in the Kong: Skull Island trailer, which left me wondering whether the giant lizard will actually pop up during the film itself.

Considering the fact that the titular Skull Island is said to be home not only to Kong but also lots of other massive monsters, it's only natural to wonder whether Godzilla would make an appearance as well, even in a more diminutive form. Kong and Godzilla are a part of the same monster universe, so again, it's not too big a stretch to imagine that Godzilla would show up in Kong's film.

That is not the case with Kong: Skull Island. The entirety of the film is Godzilla-less, leaving us to watch and delight in the exploits of the crew sent into the jungle to track down Kong, facing off against the beast and his fellow beastly friends. Oh, and you'll get to totally focus on sweaty, beleaguered hero James Conrad, better known to us as Tom Hiddleston, as he battles Kong.

But just because Godzilla isn't in Skull Island itself, it doesn't mean that we won't see hints of his presence in the film. Small spoiler alert! Reports have begun circulating that Godzilla is hinted at in a post-credits scene. Even better, we'll definitely see Kong and Godzilla together in the planned installments that Universal has in its expansion of the monster universe. More Kong. More Godzilla. More monster goodness in every fame, basically.

We likely won't see more of Godzilla until 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which will star Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown and pick up where 2014's Godzilla left off. Until then, we have Kong; that sounds pretty good to me.