This Creepy Netflix Thriller Puts A Terrifying Spin On Therapy


As Netflix continues to pad its content library, there are two genres that have been growing especially rapidly. First, it's international programming, which has seen the release of shows like Dark, Suburra, and Elite. And second, its fantasy series, which have included projects like The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and The Order. The streaming service's latest effort, Green Door, is not based on a true story, but it does its gripping premise will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

According to PopSugar, Green Door is adapted from Joseph Chen's Catharsis novel. Unfortunately, there isn't much information available about the source material, but it can be assumed that the series follows the same general premise. According to IMDb, Jam Hsiao plays Dr. Wei Sung-yen, a psychologist who returns to Taiwan from the United States to set up a new clinic. He's a troubled man with a sordid past that comes to light through his patients as well as a series of other unfortunate events.

In Green Door's trailer, Dr. Sung—yen appears to hypnotize a spiritually tortured young woman when the scene suddenly cuts to him waking up in his bed. He tells her that she will wake up on the count of three, but she seems to be trapped in a dark realm with items falling all around her space. The doctor reveals in a voiceover that he experienced his first haunting by a ghost the previous night.

The clip cuts back to him with a patient as he speaks directly to the spirit that is presumably possessing his patient. Things began to spiral out of control as books fly off of shelves and the woman later screams "I used to be Shen Chin-fa!" while being restrained by hospital workers. It's not clear if Shen Chin-fa is the spirit speaking through her or if it is the woman's own spirit breaking through for help.


Sung-yen says he wants to provide therapy to these ghosts living inside his patients so that they can both get their lives back. There's also a secondary plot revealed as he meets the woman of his dreams, but things get more complicated as his work and love life begin to mesh. Hopefully, their love will survive these strange occurrences.

It will be interesting to see what skeletons this doctor has hiding in his closet and how he became a psychologist to spirits. Does his lover know the full truth about his profession? She probably knows he is a therapist, but he might be keeping the important details under wraps because he's not sure she will actually believe him. Who is the ghost who haunts him in the trailer? Perhaps she's someone he used to know or a spirit there to teach him a fundamental life lesson. And why did he return home from the United States? Dr. Sung-yen likely left behind a dark past overseas and thought he could somehow escape his truth by returning home.

Find out what secrets are revealed when Green Door premieres March 16.