Why Haleigh & Fessy’s ‘Big Brother’ Showmance Is Doomed

Sonja Flemming/CBS

No showmance is all smooth sailing on Big Brother and it looks like it's Fessy and Haleigh's turn to fight on Big Brother 20. Though not in an official "showmance," Fessy certainly wants to be and, at times, Haleigh has been leaning in that direction too. But, is the Fessy and Haleigh showmance over before it's really begun? The Big Brother stars have been arguing a lot lately, and it could put a crack in their alliance.

As seen in the Sunday, July 29 episode, Fessy and Haleigh got in a tiff about his loyalties. He was trying to save JC from the block, and Haleigh accused him of not trusting her and Bayleigh's vision. On the live feeds, the pair made up, but things haven't been all that great since then. For one, Fessy talks constantly about how he used the Veto on Haleigh. And, yes, he helped keep her safe but also, she doesn't owe him her undying affection and attention because of a game move he made a week ago.

That desire for more more more of Haleigh's attention has been at the core of most of their fights recently. On the live feeds, Haleigh claimed to Bay that Fessy is jealous of her hanging out with other guys like Tyler and that he doesn't like her to twerk. Haleigh voiced frustration over what she thinks are Fessy's insecurities, while Bay chimed in to claim he doesn't like Haleigh to have fun.

Fessy has also whined that if he and Haleigh don't get a gig after Big Brother like The Amazing Race, it will be because Haleigh played hard to get. "I'm not playing had to get, Fessy," she snapped back. As for her hanging out with people like Brett and Tyler, Haleigh told Fessy, "You're not awake during the day for me to play with, so I have to go play with everyone else."

Fessy is pretty possessive for someone who has only known Haleigh a matter of weeks — especially since Haleigh has voiced her reticence over getting in a full-blown showmance. She's playing to win, and she doesn't want any guy to get in the way of that. She's also told her fellow houseguests that she doesn't really see a future with Fessy outside of the show either. "I've dated boys like Fessy before. I'm not going to do it again. He is still not in the state of mind or maturity," she told Rachel.

If his behavior towards her is any indication, she may be right. It's clear that Fessy likes her, and you can't fault him for that, but you can fault him for thinking he owns her because he once used a Veto on her. She's allowed to hang out with Tyler or Brett or Scottie or whoever she wants. She can team up with the women to get the guys out. She can twerk. She's her own person, and Fessy shouldn't be trying to control her.

Unfortunately, while increased fighting may drive this pair apart, it's more likely that Fessy will take their spats as a sign of fondness. "Fighting is good because it shows you care," he told Haleigh after their JC argument. If that's his attitude about budding romances, Haleigh may be in for a long summer.