H&M's New Arket Brand Isn't Coming To The U.S Just yet

Move over, & Other Stories! Fast fashion giant H&M is launching another new brand called Arket, which will be "a broad yet selected range of essentials for men, women, and children, as well as a smaller, curated assortment for the home," according to Women's Wear Daily. The brand also noted that Arket will sell both its own and external brands and that the concept is a "slightly higher price segment" than H&M. Arket will emphasize "materials, function, and fit," reports WWD. It'll be a "modern-day market," according to Business of Fashion, which is likely what inspired the name.

Based on those general descriptions, Arket will sell a mix of clothing and decor that will be a bit more upscale than typical H&M's wares. So, will Arket be coming to the U.S? If so, when?

Don't get too, too excited, all you fast fashion lovers and H&M loyalists in the U.S. Arket isn't launching in the U.S. just yet. WWD reports that the first Arket store will debut in London in the early fall. Arket will launch online 18 European markets, as well. Stores are planned for Brussels, Copenhagen, and Munich, too. But a U.S. launch is not on deck as of press time.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Perhaps the brand is looking to establish Arket's name before bringing it abroad. H&M's Lars Axxelson told BoF that "we are looking into more cities obviously, but our main focus is Europe and we are starting there."

Bustle reached out to H&M to inquire about future North American plans for Arket.

UPDATE: Arket's team got back to us, saying, "Currently we are focused on launching the brand in Europe and at this stage have no confirmed timeline for markets outside of Europe."

While I have you here, let's remember why we all heart H&M so much... For things like comfy and cute sleepwear and lounge attire.

Or trendy brights that are spring-ready.

Or stylish beach threads and more! Yeah, I love H&M for pretty much everything. I can't wait to see what Arket is all about, even if I am relegated to admiring it from afar to start.