Ivanka Trump Is Too Loyal To Attend The WHCD

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The White House Correspondents' Association Dinner is upon us, and with a new president in the White House, things are certain to be different this year. Donald Trump has already famously declined to attend the annual dinner, but there's some speculation about whether or not Ivanka Trump is at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Because of her role as a White House staffer and confidante to the president, Ivanka is not at the famous event.

After news broke that the president would not be attending the dinner, the White House revealed that staffers would also not attend. That statement, which was released at the end of March, announced that they would be avoiding the dinner in "solidarity" with the president, and if anyone would be likely to not attend a function out of loyalty to Trump, it would be Ivanka. Indeed, news of Ivanka's newly official role as White House staffer came just a few days after the announcement that staffers wouldn't be in attendance.

Prior to the event, there was some speculation as to whether Ivanka would stand in for the president at the correspondents' dinner due to the number of times she's attended events on the president's behalf. It does not appear that that's the case with this dinner, due to the president's tense relationship with the press and the apparent White House boycott of the event.

Of all the events Trump would be likely to send Ivanka as an ambassador to, the correspondents' dinner isn't one of them. He revealed his intention to skip the traditional dinner, and it's not hard to see why given his relationship to the press. In an interview with Fox & Friends explaining his decision to skip the dinner, Trump cited alleged unfair treatment by the press as a motivating factor:

Over the years, you make a mistake, I fully understand when they hit you. But when they make stories up, when they create sources – 'cause I believe that sometimes they don't have sources, you know, the sources don't exist.

This of course wasn't the president's first time ripping the press — just a few days prior to his announcement that he wouldn't be attending the dinner, Trump infamously called media "the enemy of the people" for a second time.

Ivanka's relationship to the press is, of course, less icy than her father's, but given her surefire loyalty to her father's presidency, this is one red carpet she won't be on this year.