These Unexpected Clues Point To Jaimi's Relationship Status After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 has found yet another alum to make waves with a date card: Bachelor contestant Jaimi King. Funny, energetic, and unapologetic, Jaimi seems like the best kind of wildcard. While it seemed like she had a good time in Mexico, it's still unclear if Jaimi is single after Bachelor in Paradise. Jaimi hasn't stated publicly if she found lasting love in Paradise yet — the show is airing its finale this week. But judging by her social media accounts, her life seems ridiculously fun either way.

On the surface, it doesn't look like Jaimi is dating anyone publicly — at least, not right now. On her Twitter account, the New Orleans chef live-tweets new of the show, comments on the filming, and talks to Bachelor contestants. Most notably, Jaimi's still friendly with Bachelor in Paradise contestant Diggy Moreland. The two went on a date during the most recent episode of BIP, and their flirty Twitter banter has left fans eager for more information. Are they still together? Nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

She's been the most active on Instagram, though, where Jaimi shows off everything she's been up to since Bachelor in Paradise filming wrapped on July 4. The professional chef attended a fundraising run, partied at Southern Decadence (a six-day festival thrown by the New Orleans LGBTQ+ community before Labor Day Weekend), and even had her own churro pop-up event. If she didn't meet anyone on the show, fans have to wonder if she even has time to date.

For those newer to the franchise, Jaimi was a contestant during the most recent season of The Bachelor, in which women competed for a rose from serial Bachelor Nick Viall. Her roommate was Rachel Lindsay, who would go on to be the next Bachelorette. King also made headlines as the first openly bisexual cast member to compete on the The Bachelor.

Before being eliminated in Week 6 of The Bachelor, Jaimi befriended a number of cast members, including Alexis Waters and Jasmine Goode. Early Bachelor in Paradise promos tried to hint at something romantic between Jasmine and Jaimi, but after her date with Diggy, they may be the couple to root for.

It's encouraging that as the first openly bisexual Bachelor contestant, Jaimi has likely paved the way for the franchise's casting a spectrum of sexuality. While King's dating life may not be obvious right now, if Jaimi is still single after Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Nation detectives will be on the case.