9 Reasons Why Jason Should Be The Next Bachelor If Becca Sends Him Home

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The role of Bachelor is an interesting one to step into, especially after the Arie Luyendyk fiasco of last season. Really, the bar is set pretty low right now: Just don't get engaged to a woman, change your mind, then film the ensuing post-show devastation to be aired on national television. It should really be a breeze. And there's one guy remaining in Becca's season of The Bachelorette who definitely seems up to the task. I'm talking, of course, about Jason, who could actually class up the mansion if he took the helm. But there are really a ton of reasons why Jason should be the next Bachelor, and it seems like fans are on board.

"I hope it’s Jason [for next Bachelor]," wrote Reddit user HuskyHusk21. "He seems level headed and ready to really get married." Others in the thread were also on board with the possibility. "I find Jason to be the most compelling of the guys left," wrote another, Racine28.

There are definitely others in the running for the role, including guys from past seasons who might not be as fresh in the minds of viewers. Or even some runners-up from Becca's season like Wills or Blake (if Blake's sent home), neither of which would be bad choices at all. But Jason has something special that people have noticed, and here's why he can make a case to be cast.

The Fans Are Obsessed

Fans have already begun to claim that if Becca sends Jason home, she's hopefully setting up the next Bachelor at the same time she's breaking a heart. The show's production team will want a fan favorite to take up the Bachelor helm for those sweet, sweet ratings, and someone who's as fresh in America's minds as Jason is would make a great choice.

He's Level-Headed

Jason wasn't as open with his feelings as some of the other guys were throughout the season. He took things slow — or, as slow as one can take things when the expected timeline from meet-cute to engagement is about 8 weeks. The fact that he wasn't saying he loved Becca way too soon (looking at you, Jean-Blanc) leads me to believe that he's actually cautious about who he gives his heart to, and would be super selective if given a whole season to himself.

He's A Family Guy

Jason's most recent Instagram post is thanking his parents for being so supportive during his hometown date with Becca, and through the experience as a whole. They were super friendly when on camera, and gave him a ton of advice. His brother even tweeted after the episode aired about how much he adores Jason and loved meeting Becca, and said he only wished them both the utmost happiness. Swoon.

...And His Family Rules

When Jason's hometown date aired, his brother took to Twitter to praise his brother, say how much he cares for him, and how much he loved meeting Becca. No matter what happened, he wished them both the best. So no matter how Becca and Jason end (if they even do) it must not be ugly enough to color his family's view of her.

He's Charismatic

Jason is someone viewers could actually have fun watching all season — he's funny and charming without being obnoxious or over-the-top. He seems genuine, and like he could keep an audience on his side throughout a season, which has not always been the case with Bachelors.

He Doesn't Take Himself Too Seriously

At least based on what we see on camera, Jason doesn't appear to be arrogant or too "cool" to eat a giant pile of buffalo wings on national television while his girlfriend smears sauce on his face. The Bachelor needs a frontman who is game for anything, or else things could get really boring really fast.

He Knows Love Can Be Hard

Jason doesn't seem to be the type who would throw in the towel when things get tough. And in a house full of a zillion different people trying to date you, things are bound to get tough.

He's Avoided The Drama

Becca's season of The Bachelorette has been chock full of fighting and animosity between the guys, from the dramatic tossing of Lincoln's photograph in the pool to the legendary spat between David and Jordan on their 2-on-1 date. Absent from all of this? Good old Jordan.

All in all, Jason has really made a campaign for a good match for Becca, and in doing so, also placed himself as a frontrunner for the next Bachelor. Now it's time to just wait and see how things pan out after the final rose.