This True Crime Show Follows A Murder On The High Seas That Will Chill You

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Investigation Discovery's new TV series Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep is exactly what it sounds like: A show about nefarious crimes in the sea. The premiere episode delves into the case of Javier Martin, who was arrested in 2011 and later convicted of the murders of U.S. citizen Don North and French citizen Jean Pierre Bouhard, according to ID. Two murders on the high sea is sure to warrant a long sentence, but is Javier Martin still in prison?

According to Investigation Discovery, Martin is still in prison, serving two consecutive 26-to-life sentences. He's incarcerated in Panama's La Joya prison, according to Panama Guide. According to CBS News, Martin was discovered and arrested in 2011 after a manhunt ensued following North's disappearance during a sailing trip.

During the search for North, another body washed up in the Caribbean. It was Bouhard's, and authorities soon began to suspect both boat-owners had fallen victim to Martin's schemes while sailing in the area. CBS News reported that authorities suspected Martin was after North and Bouhard's money and vessels after his own ship had sunk. Without a ship, Martin couldn't run his business of sailing tourists between Panama and Colombia.

Per Newsroom Panama, authorities found Bouhard dead in the water, his feet tied and a gunshot wound to the head. His body was located in February 2011, and North went missing in January 2011. North's body has not been recovered, but CBS News reported that authorities believe he was killed in a similar manner, weighted down by the ship's anchor, and thrown overboard. Newsroom Panama reported that North had hired Martin to assist him on his Colombian sailing trip but went missing before it was over. (Below is a photo of North.)

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CBS News reported that a three-day manhunt culminated in Martin's arrest. He was discovered with North's passport, weapons, cash from his victims, and parts from North's boat. North's ship was found as well, abandoned, stripped of its parts, and emblazoned with a new name.

Since his conviction, Marin has resided in Panama's La Joya prison, which is known for its poor conditions. According to Reuters, there are not enough guards at the prison, which is known for its violent inmate fights. The cells are dirty and overcrowded. His consecutive 26-to-life sentences ensure he will likely spend the rest of his life in this prison.

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Martin's crimes aren't the only ones that this new series will dive into. The show's synoposis states:

"Dark Waters takes viewers deep into the world of maritime murders. Despite its promise of beauty and tranquility, the sea is a lawless world where jealousy, greed, and rage surface and where no one is safe. Every episode of Dark Waters unfolds like an anxiety-inducing thriller putting viewers on the edge of their seat."

According to TV Guide, Episodes 2 and 3 (airing August 7 and 14) will cover a murder in a lake and a paradise vacation gone wrong. Tune in to see Martin's case explored first on July 31 at 10 p.m. ET.