You Don't Need Cable To Watch John Legend In NBC's 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Live

James Dimmock/NBC

One of television's most Tweet-able traditions is returning: NBC's live musical productions. Audiences without access to broadcast television but hoping to catch the network's latest musical special live need not worry, as Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert will be streaming live on Hulu on April 1 — if you have the right subscription package.

Since 2013, NBC has been regularly putting out special television events that combine the power of live theater with the complexity and accessibility of live television broadcasting. The almost annual tradition of producing live, televised musicals on the network began with The Sound of Music Live! in 2013, followed by 2014's Peter Pan Live!, 2015's Hairspray Live!, and 2016's The Wiz Live! The network may have taken 2017 off, but this break allowed for a well-timed performance of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert to arrive on Easter Sunday of this year. And perhaps the most notable aspect of these presentations of well-known musicals — aside from the craft and talent — is that the specials are a popular event to Tweet along with, exchanging hot takes with everyone else who is tuned in at home.

So while the musical will still be worth watching after its live airing, those hoping to Tweet while the rest of the world is watching Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert will want to be experiencing it live. Hulu Live subscribers will be able to stream NBC's broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert as it happens, beginning at 8 p.m. ET. Those with a regular Hulu subscription — one that allows them access to Hulu's library of streaming content — are able to add Hulu Live to their account for $39.99 a month, to include free streaming of a variety of networks, including NBC.

The network's specials have proven themselves to be among the most Twitter-friendly TV events. In the inaugural year, The Sound Of Music Live! blew up the social platform with takes on everything from Carrie Underwood's performance (which received some harsh reviews) to Audra McDonald's supporting role (which received acclaim from Twitter users) and Laura Benanti's glorious side-eye. This Easter, those eyes will be turned to the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar, which is being headed by two performers who have done their fair share of acting and musical performance. Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert stars Grammy-winner John Legend in the title role and singer-songwriter-composer Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene, and features glam rock legend Alice Cooper as King Herod and Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon as Judas.

Regular Hulu subscribers will have the chance to catch up with the live musical later. According to CBS News, Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert will be available to stream the day after airing, Monday, April 2. It probably won't stay on the streaming service forever, however, so you may want to watch it ASAP after the Easter holiday.

Fans hoping to watch the entire special live should plan on setting most of their Easter Sunday evening aside, as the special will be a full two hours and fifteen minutes starting at 8:00 p.m. and ending at 10:15 p.m. Also, viewers on the west coast may want to keep an eye out for spoilers about any surprises while Tweeting along. They will likely be viewing a tape-delayed version of the broadcast, as west coast viewers did for 2015's The Wiz Live! per The Oregonian.

Whether you're tweeting from the east coast, the west coast, or not tweeting at all, a streamer's best bet at watching Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert! will be to keep Hulu Live tuned into NBC during Easter Sunday.