JJ From 'Bachelorette Weekend' Has The CHEESIEST Instagram Captions


He may star on a show filled with single women and work alongside some as well, but JJ from CMT's Bachelorette Weekend doesn't have his sights set on any office romances. The party photographer and creative director is an integral part of the bachelor/bachelorette party planning company Bach Weekend, which now has its own show on CMT. His bio on the network's site labels him as "a notorious flirt," but the first episode made it clear that JJ just has a friendly personality and isn't afraid to do a little paintball in an '80s-themed dress. So if you're holding out for some Bach Weekend office romance drama, don't hold your breath. JJ isn't single, but he could plan a Bach Weekend party of his own soon if his relationship stays on track.

Even though it paints him as a flirt with a "slightly devilish side," his CMT bio is straightforward that JJ does in fact have a girlfriend. According to his Instagram, JJ has been dating his partner Shantell for nearly two years, and they're totally smitten. Just check out these cute photos of the couple and the sweet captions he's put on them over the years:

The Anniversary Snap

"Can you believe we've been together a year @shansmelly!!!??? Thanks for blessing me with your patience, love, and laughs. ❤️"

The #WCW:

"This one is long overdue! My #wcw is my beautiful and compassionate partner Shantell aka @shansmelly. Can't believe I've been crushing on you for almost a year! 💘 #luckyguy."

The Valentine's Day Tribute:

"What did I do to deserve a Valentine like you?"

The Photo Collage:

"@shansmell, you’re the definition of an amazing partner. 🌹#valentinesday."

For her part, Shantell seems just as smitten in their relationship. "My love! Always making me so happy," she responded to one of his photos. "I'm the lucky one here!! 😍" she commented on another. In response to his photo collage of her, she wrote: "You are the definition of a dream babe, so in love with you everyday! 💘 + love this collage so much! grateful to live this happy life with you." And, on their one year anniversary, she commented, "You make loving fun, babe! So grateful for you."

If you don't like mushy couples, these two are definitely not for you. But, it's super cute how in love they are — and it's just proof that any flirtatious behavior on Bachelorette Weekend likely doesn't mean anything. JJ is totally all-in with Shantell and vice versa, if their social media has anything to say about it.

It's important to remember that reality shows often have "roles" to cast — the fun one, the serious one, the flirt — and JJ seems to have been labeled the latter. It's to be expected on a show about soon-to-brides and their single friends that some romantic drama will be sprinkled in. But, while JJ may describe himself as "charmingly handsome :)" it's seemingly all in good fun. He's totally taken and happily so.